Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Republican's Unhealthy Obsession

Sunday I was watching the Republican talk shows that show up on all the channels on Sunday mornings and happened to surf by George Will as he made the following statement.

This is the what a true Repug talking point sounds like. 
Twist the truth into whatever they want it to be. 
He could have just kept his damn mouth shut - but he could not.

Every time I hear the Repugs go off on liberals and our pro-choice stance - I think to myself don't you a$$holes have something better to think about - like say, the economy and jobs????

But no - they have to obsess on a woman's body and our ability to reproduce.

Sometimes I think they suffer from ovary envy.

Everytime I hear crap like this I can't help thinking back to the '60s and what we were fighting -  a woman's ability to be able to CHOOSE.

A woman's choice to have full control over her body and the decisions she makes.

I don't remember anyone in the circles I ran in talking someone into having an abortion or forcing someone to have an abortion.

Abortion was never the issue for us when we were working on this issue.

The people I hung out with, were concerned with women's ability to CHOOSE.  That's why the movement was and always has been referred to as PRO-CHOICE.

BUT abortion is the focus of the Repugs - every time they can talk about it.

Thus I have to come to the conclusion that Republicans have an unhealthy and very unnatural obsession to discuss and subsequently to completely control women's
vagina - birth canal,
ovaries and
fallopian tubes.

Sick - really sick.

I'm a woman and this is the first time I have used the word uterus in probably five years - but the Repugs dream about them every day and every night.

Or maybe it’s a severe case of erotophobia, based on a misguided philosophy of misogyny
Or maybe it's just ovary envy.


Hey repugs - you don't want to deal with abortion issues - then quit having sex!
There is no safe sex when it comes to reproducing Republicans.
Abstinence is the only option.

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