Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update on Kicking TCF to the Curb- How TCF Screwed me, again.

Had to go into TCF again - about the account I closed three weeks ago.


Even though I signed the closure papers
Even though they gave me the money that was left in the account, at the time I closed it - gave it to me in cash.

TCF did not file the paperwork - did not close the account and then hit me for another month of service charges.
Service charges for an account I had closed.  An account I had signed closure paperwork on - an account that they had zero balanced by giving me cash that was the balance of the account.

They said there was no record I had closed the account.

They would close it that day.
I still owed them for one month of service fees - because I could not prove that I went in and closed the account.

LESSON: Make sure you get a written copy of the fact that you closed your bank account when you close it.

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