Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey, hey - Ho, ho: ALEC Members Have Got to Go!

Looking for the most comprehensive list, ever published,
of ALEC members and
people with affiliations to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
- past and present.

Check out >>this diary<< on Daily Kos.

My public service announcement for today.

ALEC members and those affiliated with ALEC in any manner
MUST NOT BE RE-ELECTED or receive our support in any means or manner!

Without state and federal legislators ALEC will cease to exist and it will implode.

For more information on ALEC –
Please read this or this or this

This is what ALEC is About  - An Interview with Mark Pocan about the ALEC Annual Meeting.

And watch this news video  from North Carolina on how other ALEC "model legislation" is going to screw the citizens of North Carolina - legislation introduced by ALEC legislators.

Do your own "act of education" at your local precinct caucus.
Distribute materials about ALEC.
Submit a resolution against ALEC.

Become a delegate and take a "get rid of ALEC" resolution to the district and state levels.

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