Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The GOP Reality of the MN, CO and MO Caucuses

Right Wingers to Learn the “Koch Truth”

For those of us that have been fighting the regime of the Koch brothers and their friends – to us, this would be self-evident, but I feel I need to point it out to the right-wingers, especially after last night’s caucus results.

Right wingers:
It doesn’t matter how many of you vote for Rick Santorum.
It doesn’t matter how many percentage points Rick Santorum has.
It doesn't matter how many delegates Rick Santorum has.
You can even commit voter fraud and have dead people vote for Rick Santorum.

Because we no longer have a democracy in the United States.
Mitt Romney has been bought and paid for by the Koch brothers and their buddies and that is who your candidate will be.

You can vote for whoever you want – as many times as you want – even have dead people to vote for them but………………
The Koch brothers and their buddies have invested a lot of money into Mitt Romney and he will be your candidate.

The left has been trying to warn you about this
– but you refused to listen, thinking that you were protected by rich people – like the Koch brothers. 

You were so naive you thought the 1% were your buddies.

But in the end
– they will screw you too and
– Mitt will be your candidate
– whether you want him or not.

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