Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Grunt's Pet Peeve - Executive Stealing

We have a lot of coffee drinkers in our office.

The receptionist and I bring in our own creamer - I bring in whole milk and  the other person brings in International Delights. 

We are two of the lowest paid people in the building.

But - yet - everyone else thinks they have a right to use the creamer that the receptionist and I bring in.

The kicker is -
those people who think they have the right to use our creamers - make two times more money than we do.

Do they ever offer to buy us a new bottle - NO.

Do they ever ask if they can steal someone else's property - NO.

They just think because they are on the top of the shit pile that they can do whatever they want - including stealing other people's property.

And that's my pet peeve for the day.

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