Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Coverage - MSM Fails Again

Another Sad Anniversary of 9/11/2001.

I've watched some of the news coverage on MSM- but not all of it
And after watching some of the coverage  - I had to ask myself
Where are the stories about families of the poor that died on 9/11 in the towers?
Where are the stories of what happened to the families of the minimum wages workers who died in the towers on 9/11?

So I did a web search..........for stories of people who were making minimum wage who died on 9/11 in when the towers came down and what happened to their families.

That's NOT being covered on MSM and I thought I could offer something defferent in a blog entry.

Here's my searches:
what happened to the families of the poor who died on 9/11
what happened to the families of the janitors who died on 9/11
janitors who died on 9/11
maintenance workers who died on 9/11
minimum wage earners who died on 9/11

Honestly - I didn't find much

I found this 
73 low-wage immigrant workers died at Windows on the World, the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center, Tower 1 on September 11th, 2001, and about 300 workers lost their jobs in that restaurant.

And I found this 
  it was discovered that more than 100 undocumented immigrants - deliverymen, waiters, cleaners, cooks - had been killed at the World Trade Center.

Then, in 2004, Tepeyac began to receive workers who got sick in the recovery effort at Ground Zero due to lack of proper equipment.

"We received about 200 Latinos, who were terminally ill," Magallán said.

"They ended up being the group at the greatest disadvantage because it wasn't easy to find help anymore.

"In 2008, we closed the program because of the recession: there was no help. We had to abandon them to their fate.

But after 1/2 hour of searching - I didn't find anything else.
That's it!
That says a lot about the commercial focus of the MSM in our country.

El Ultimo Adios

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