Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pocan (D-WI) - Gives you the Scoop on ALEC

For those of you not familiar with Mark Pocan he is a big-D Democrat from Wisconsin - who happens to go to meetings of the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) - to be "educated".

After all -  the purpose of ALEC and the reasoning behind their 501c3 status is that they provide "educational services" for legislators - so Mark goes to be "educated".

He is the ONLY legislator that is willing to step forward and help "educate" us about this horrible organization - an organization, that in my opinion, is trying to destroy our democracy.

I suppose it won't be long before they cancel his membership - but then again, what would that say about their supposedly "educational" purpose that supports their 501c3 status AND it would say something about their claim to be "bipartisan" AND it would say something about their claims that they are not "secretive".

PLEASE READ his latest article and forward it to as many people as you can - there is some really IMPORTANT information in this article - stuff everyone needs to know about ALEC.

I am extremely saddened by the fact that Pocan says he probably won't go to another meeting.  If anyone out there has a "liberal" legislator that is willing to read Pocan's posts at the Progressive (there are four of them) and is willing to take his place - it would be greatly appreciated.  The more "liberals" we get into the "ALEC secret society" the more we will be able to expose them for what they are.

True patriots of the United States of America democracy and representation of, by and for the PEOPLE-
do not belong to ALEC and
do not defend ALEC and
do not lie for ALEC.

If your legislator is a member of ALEC - they believe in "free market government" - government of, by and for the corporations and your legislator is NO longer focused on representing the people of your state.

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