Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is Congress Killing the Post Office for ALEC????

Contact your congressional member and tell them to support
H.R. 1351: United States Postal Service Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011

For the most part, every day, the part of the Bill Press show I listen to is the biggest damn waste of my time every day - but my only other choice is right wing radio.

This morning - he was at one of the worst points - I was screaming at the radio - due to his ignorance which this morning was worst than most.  It's a good thing that his show isn't suppose to be news - cause it's evident that he reads very little news.

This morning he was talking about the Postal Service not being able to meet an upcoming debt payment and he said something to the effect that Congress has to step up and help them on this.


At the heart of the matter is a 2006 Congressional mandate put on the US Postal Service contained in the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006” to pre-fund healthcare benefits of future retirees, a 75 year liability over a 10 year period. No other agency or corporation is required to do this.

This provision costs the Postal Service $5.5 billion a year.
Dec 8, 2006: This bill passed in the House of Representatives by voice vote. A record of each representative’s position was not kept.
Dec 9, 2006: This bill passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent. A record of each senator’s position was not kept.


Ever since I found out about this about a year ago (from a postal worker) - I have wondered - which American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Private Sector members will benefit from the postal service shutting down.   Which ALEC private sector member will get the contract from the US government to privatize the post office.   FedEx?  UPS? The banksters - more online payments? The credit card companies - more bill payments with credit cards at 19% interest? - the list is endless of ALEC private sector member who would benefit if the Post Office was privatized.

A ring wing nut job (could tell by their user name) posted this not more than 15 mintues ago:

Since the Post Office obviously cannot turn a profit, should they shut it down and privatize it with no Union?
UPS is profitable with NO Union and NO government intervention
FedEx is profitable with NO Union and NO government intervention
This was probably was posted by the ALEC media and public relations department!!!!    Notice the two prominent ALEC private sector members which are mentioned in the post!
And sure enough - today - the calls coming into the Press show were all about "privatization" of the post office.

First of all America - our Congress put the US Post Office into this mess.
Second, the US Congress needs to get the US Post Office out of this mess.

Third - I wish Bill Press would start acting like a real journalist and not just a fluff piece on the radio.

For more information on ALEC –
Please read this report or this report or this report

And watch this news video  from North Carolina on how other ALEC "model legislation" is going to screw the citizens of North Carolina - legislation introduced by ALEC legislators.


A vote for an ALEC legislative candidate -
is a vote for greater pro-corporate representation and legislation  in your state,
is a vote against small and medium size business in your state,
is a vote against representative government for the people, and
is a vote against the very beliefs of the United States of America.

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