Sunday, September 18, 2011

Republican/Tea Party “MANDATE” is Not Working

A recent CBS/NYTimes poll shows that most Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

It's been all over the news - earlier this week. 
It’s amazing to me that the MSM can spout off the percentages – but MSM journalists are so dumb they can’t figure out - the biggest, most huge conclusion -  revealed in the polling.

This means the Republican / Tea Party so called  “Mandate” of 2010 is NOT WORKING.

The Republicans and Tea-Partiers don’t even support what THEY elected into office.
The Republicans and Tea-Partiers admit THE REPUBLICAN mandate is NOT WORKING!!
Hell of a Mandate!

The full report on the polling can be found here

Below are excerpts  of the major findings.
Just 12 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing

Though most Americans disapprove of both parties in Congress, they disapprove of Republicans more.

Among Democrats, more approve than disapprove of the job Democrats in Congress are doing. That is reversed for Republicans - more of them disapprove than approve of the job members of their own party are doing in Congress. Independents disapprove of both parties in Congress.

In keeping with Congress' dismal review, just 6 percent of registered voters think most members deserve re-election - the lowest percentage ever in CBS News Polls during the past 20 years

but nearly six in 10 registered voters don't think their own representative deserves re-election. That percentage is close to the highest found in CBS News Polls


And at the state level - the Tea Party/Republican "mandate"  has proved an absolute disaster for states such as Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine and Minnesota.

That's what happens at the state and federal level when you elect pro-business Republican/Tea Party politicians - who are in bed with big business and who think the needs of their constituents - who pay their salaries - are mundane and unnecessary - like Social Security, Education Funding, Medicare and Medicaid.

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