Friday, September 9, 2011

Over 1,600 Identified - People Afffiliated with ALEC

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Most of you are already aware of the listing of names of people with ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  at ALEC Exposed for Politicians.  Fortunately, they have access to documents others don't have - so their list has unique names.

In addition to that list - there is another listing, which was released over a month ago on Daily Kos that went virtually unnoticed.
Almost 1,600 names of past and present people associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

As I have noted in previous entries on this blog - we can not afford to focus only on the current members of ALEC - we have to know ALL ALEC members and ALEC legislators - past and present - and keep them ALL out of public service.  EVERY member of ALEC past - and present - is responsible.  Most past members have children - who have probably been brainwashed into ALEC-ers at the ALEC Kiddie Kongress. (One ALEC family has sent three generations of ALEC-ers into the FL legislature.)  To focus only on present ALEC members is shortsighted and dangerous.

People who are "current" members usually don't become presidential candidates - for the most part ALEC ALUMNI become presidential candidates - so you have to know the past history also!!!!

Lets continue to identify all of these ALEC bastards and then make sure they are never re-elected or appointed to any public office again - ever in their lives.
  • They are liars - because most do not disclose their membership.
  • They are liars - because they do not disclose legislation that they introduce as ALEC "Model Legislation".
  • They are representing ALEC Corporate Sector members at the expense of the general public.

  • They treat the public like fools and ingrates when we ask them about ALEC - they lie to us.
  • They treat the media as fools and ingrates when they want to report on their ALEC affiliation - they lie to the press.
  • They have no respect for the people who pay their goddamn salaries.

The behavior of these people is unethical and immoral -
and someday I hope we can prove their behavior is illegal.
That's why they have to lie about it.
Thieves, crooks, con artists, and hoodlums lie - these people are liars.

The Lists
Yes, there are duplications between the two lists -
Yes, each list has people the other list doesn't have -
Yes, both lists are missing names that have been subsequently publicized by citizen journalists.
Yes, more time has to be put in until we have identified every single one of these damn ALEC bastards.

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