Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ALEC Member Plakon - Lies to FL - becausehecan

An Excerpt from a September 15th  article -
(an article that is well worth it to read.)

Among the organization's more than 2,000 legislative members are local powerhouse names, like Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, gun-loving State Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, and avid pro-life State Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood.
Rep. Plakon didn't make the convention, though his name is listed among the ALEC membership. "I had never heard of them until six or seven months ago," he says.

The letter commends the president for his efforts at bipartisanship but also says “we think you’re missing a critical element in this discussion—the ideas of thousands of state legislators.” The signers are the sponsors of the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, model legislation by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation’s largest nonpartisan individual membership association of state legislators.
Who signed that aforementioned letter?
Representative Scott Plakon
Florida House District 37

Is Plakon so ignorant and uninformed that he did not know what he was signing when he signed this letter - Plakon did not understand he was supporting ALEC "model legislation"?
From an ALEC Press Release
"The Florida legislature has done a great job responding to their citizens' requests to have a constitutional state-level defense against ObamaCare," said Christie Herrera, director of ALEC's Health and Human Services Task Force. "I applaud the efforts of Rep. Plakon and Sen. Haridopolos to protect their state against encroaching federal healthcare mandates. It's clear that the people of Florida want patient-centered—not government-centered—legislation, and I hope they have the chance to vote this into law in 2012."  ALEC Press Release May 5, 2011
Is Plakon so ignorant and uninformed that he did not know that he was pushing ALEC “model legislation” for over a year?  (The same "model legislation" that was lauded in the letter he signed 14 months before this latest press release)

AND NOW -  the death blow  - The Pièce de résistance
Rep. Scott Plakon (R-37), ALEC International Relations Task Force member; worked with ALEC in 2011 on "a proposed constitutional amendment that prohibits laws that would force people to join health care plans, an attack on federal health care changes"
Well – evidently - after he found out about ALEC – HAH! – he jumped in with gusto – or maybe he’s so damn uninformed and ignorant he doesn’t realize that he is serving on an ALEC Task Force - and he thinks the International Relations Task Force is a branch of the NRA (which he does acknowledge membership to on his webpage).

Hey, Plakon – why do ya lie about ALEC?

    You lie about the organization that puts pre-written legislation in your grubby little hand just by visiting the ALEC “Members Only” webpage – which is now “outed”?
    You lie about the organization that reaffirms your commitment to free-market philosophy at the expense of representative government?
   You lie about the organization that you belong to that wants to privatize all government services and turn them over to the ALEC Corporate Sector / Private Enterprise members?
    You lie about your membership in an organization whose corporate sponsors wine and dine you at all the ALEC meetings and help you write legislation – legislation / government by the corporations and for the corporations?
    You lie - about belonging - when in fact you are a "task force" member?
Yo! – Plakon - are you embarrassed to acknowledge your relationship with ALEC?
I would be –
but then, I wouldn’t be a member of an organization
that in my opinion subverts democracy in the United States.
He’s a liar – Florida – a liar and does not deserve to be in public service.

There is something
VERY VERY wrong and dangerous about ALEC
when their members lie
about belonging to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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