Saturday, September 17, 2011

MN - School Operating Levies & No New Taxes

Today on our local cable channel – I listened for as long as I could to the school board meeting.

During the time I watched I listened to them try to justify an operating levy referendum for the schools that they are putting up for a vote this November.

The main reason they said they had to turn to the citizens for more  money – was because of decreased support from the state to public education.

WELL… the same assholes that sit on our school board - are the same assholes who repeatedly elect Republicans to the Minnesota House and Senate.  Republicans who sign and support Grover Norquist’s “No New Taxes Pledge”.

Well – here’s my reply to our school district.

If you want to support Republicans who sign a “No New Taxes Pledge” – go ahead.
If you want to elect Republicans who signed the “No New Taxes Pledge” – go ahead.

BUT – remember you put these Republicans in office –
and when you did that they cut funding to the schools.  
YOU are to blame for this lack of funding to the school district.

So DON’T come whining to me for more money in a damn operating levy referendum –
because YOUR Republicans cut school funding. 
I am sick and tired of having to pay more because of your mistake in the voting booth.

I haven't had a pay raise in three years - your multi-year operating levy referendum can go straight to hell.

I am signing the my own version of Grover Norquist’s “No New Taxes Pledge”. 
We can call it "The No New Levies Pledge".
This time the title means something (which it DOES NOT to Grover Norquist).

Taxpayer Protection Pledge
I, ____________, pledge to the taxpayers of the City of __________ and the parents and students of School District #________of the State of _________ and to all the people of this state, that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.  Every levy referendum you put in front of me - justifed by lack of State funding will be an automatic NO VOTE.

Voting has consequences –
YOU voted for Republicans who cut funding to the schools.
I am voting AGAINST any increase to my taxes – you can shove your school operating levy.

YOU made your Republican choices – live with it –
You got your "mandate"

I will NOT PAY for YOUR mistakes in the voting booth. 
DON’T come whining to me looking for money that YOUR Republican representatives will not give to the school district.

Go ask the REPUBLICANS YOU VOTED FOR for money for the schools district –
You will find - they don’t give a damn about your kids and NOW neither do I.

Voting has consequences –
You made your choice - Now I am making mine and hope others will join me.

You want Republicans in the Minnesota legislature?
Well then - you and your kids can live with the consequences.

Who signed the “No New Taxes Pledge in Minnesota?
MN-02 John Kline (R)
MN-03 Erik Paulsen (R)
MN-06 Michele Bachmann (R)
MN-08 Chip Cravaack (R)

12 Senators
Dave Brown (S-16)
Roger C. Chamberlain (S-53)
Paul Gazelka (S-12)
Chris Gerlach (S-37)
Dan D. Hall (S-40)
David Hann (S-42)
Mike Jungbauer (S-48)
Warren Limmer (S-32)
Geoff Michel (S-41)
Julianne Ortman (S-34)
Claire Robling (S-35)
Charles Wiger (S-55)

25 House members
Jim Abeler (H-48B)
Bruce Anderson (H-19A)
King Banaian (H-15B)
Mark Buesgens (H-35B)
Matt Dean (H-52B)
Bob Dettmer (H-52A)
Sondra Erickson (H-16A)
Bob Gunther (H-24A)
Tom Hackbarth (H-48A)
Mary Liz Holberg (H-36A)
Larry Howes (H-4B)
Mary Kiffmeyer (H-16B)
Ann Lenczewski (H-40B)
Carolyn McElfatrick (H-3B)
Mary Murphy (H-6B)
Paul Marquart (H-9B)
Bud Nornes (H-10A)
Gene Pelowski (H-31A)
Joyce Peppin (H-32A)
Linda Runbeck (H-53A)
Steven Smith (H-33A)
Chris Swedzinksi (H-21A)
Bruce Vogel (H-13B)
Torrey Westrom (H-11A)
Kurt Zellers (H-32B)

PLEASE make sure these pro-business, anti - constituent people are NOT re-elected.

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