Monday, September 26, 2011

Governor's "Education Nation" - A Koch/ALEC Perspective on Education

Couldn't help taking a minute to look up who was on NBC's "Education Nation - Governors Summit"

Guess if this is who is going to guide state education - we're screwed.

Will be interesting to see who gets the most air time - bet it won't be the Dems and I bet the Dems will be too damn polite to call out the right wing extremists for their radical and anti-public education policies.
.REMEMBER - if you are listening or will listen to this broadcast 
            - the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wants to privatize public education!

Scott Walker – WI  ALEC ALUMNI
Mary Fallin – OK – ALEC ALUMNI
Robert F. McDonnell  - VA -  Attended the KOCH get to together in Vail in June
Paul LePage – ME - corporate chair of ALEC for the state of Maine is Ann Robinson, a close advisor to LePage and LePage has been a speaker at the Heritage Foundation
Bill Haslam  - Tennessee   “Governor Bill Haslam last week signed legislation that in most instances places a $750000 cap on non-economic damages and a $500000 cap on punitive damages. ..”   Right out of the ALEC Tort Reform manual.

Yep - He's an ALEC-er  --  here's Haslam's review of ALEC's report Rich States, Poor States.
“The Great Recession has taken a correspondingly great toll on state budgets. Yet, states that have put in place the strongest pro-growth economic policies have been able to weather the storm much better than states with the highest taxes, highest government spending, and most burdensome regulation. Year after year Rich States, Poor States puts forth compelling new anecdotes, data and theories to back up the commonsense economic policies Tennessee continues to count on for longterm economic growth.”
- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
Sean Parnell – AK – Signed Grover Norquists “No New Taxes Pledge”  Norquist and ALEC go back a LOOOOOONG way.  HIs attorney general has been published in InsideALEC when he was with the Institute of the North.  Yep - He's an ALEC-er  --  on the

Martin O’Malley (D) -  Maryland
John Hickenlooper (D) – Colorado

Lincoln Chafee (I) – Rhode Island
Jack Markell; (D) – Delaware

Brought to you by NBC
Owned by General Electric and Comcast
BOTH ALEC members.

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