Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is SHRM a Member of ALEC?

This question has bothered me for over a year - is SHRM affiliated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)?

Then I found this clip in the CSPAN archives.
CSPAN is the official TV channel of all things ALEC and Koch - which made my red warning flag on SHRM fly a little higher.

When you watch this video clip from 2001 - please listen very carefully - to the phrases and the word usage of all the speakers - one being a rep from ALEC.

The fact that SHRM participated in this press conference is troubling - and the words and phrases that the SHRM representative uses are troubling.

If you watch the ALEC rep standing behind the SHRM speaker - it is distressing to see at which points that person is agreeing with the comments of the SHRM speaker - this body languatge of the ALEC rep is extremely scary.

Being that ALEC was presenting here - it's pretty safe to assume the Women's Independent Network is probably ALEC - but the questions remains - is SHRM?

I was afraid they might be - and after listening to this - I am afraid that they probably are.

End Notes:
The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has made a key addition, naming Terry Neese as a distinguished fellow.
The National Center for Policy Analysis - has been shown to be affiliated with ALEC.

"Others sharing NCPA ideas on the public stage included Bob McTeer, who talked on numerous television and radio outlets about economic issues, and Terry Neese, who covered family friendly policies on FoxNews"

Terry Neese also writes for the National Center for Policy Analysis (a Koch funded entity)  - A recent article she co-authored opposed the expansion of FMLA.

Here's ALEC's Resolution Opposing Comparable Worth.

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