Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Call to Action: Minnesota Marriage Amendment

Here's your chance for action today.  It's probably best - if you are a Minnesota resident to take this action.

Andrew's Round Table was formed after the anti-gay marriage amendment was pushed onto the 2012 ballot in Minnesota. We are a group of straight, fair-minded individuals who love and support our LGBT family members and friends, both past and present.

Our mission is to foster civil discussion about same-sex marriage, freedom and the constitution, and ultimately to defeat this amendment in November 2012.

Would you like to add your name to a valentine to be delivered February 14th to the two Majority Leaders in Minnesota one of whom is an ALEC member?
Dear Representative Kurt Zellers and Senator David H. Senjem,
Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you and your family enjoy a day filled with love and happiness. Our wish this year is that you honor love and embrace acceptance of all Minnesota couples.  We urge you to have a change of heart and pull the Marriage Amendment off of the November ballot.
and look for this
Valentine's Wishes for a Minnesota Change of Heart!
Click that and a popup will ask you to sign the Valentine they are going to present.

Or you can go to the Andrews Roundtable webpage
Look for the big red heart
click on it and do the same.

If you would like to join Andrew's Round Table in hand delivering these Valentine's Day wishes
please meet in the Capital Rotunda at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday February 14, 2012.

My public service message for the day.

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