Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kicked TCF to the Curb - My Mistakes Could be Someone's Lesson

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Just wanted to give you an update on my dumping TCF Bank.

Part of the following story is my fault
– but hopefully by sharing my story and my mistakes
– I can save others some money and headaches.

My Fault
When I started the process of closing down my account and moving my accounts – I left $15.00 in my checking account – cause I didn’t think I had any outstanding checks bigger than that. ( At that point, I hadn't written a check in over two weeks.)

Two weeks after that (a month after I started the process) I had a two month old check for $16.00 clear on a Friday.  I was overdrawn by $1.00. 

TCF sent the overdraft notice Friday  (no I don’t bank online) which I received on Monday after work – so when I went to the bank on Tuesday I had incurred overdraft charges for Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday – at $29.95 PER DAY for five days– totaling $149.75 in fees.  And no they wouldn’t consider removing the overdraft charges, even though I have banked with them for over 20 years and haven’t had an overdraft in years.

Paid the $149.75 in overdraft fees and put in an additional $30.

In the meantime – my direct deposit from work to TCF had been stopped and there were no automatic deposits going in.

Not my Fault
At the end of December – with no notice to me – they changed my “free” checking account –- to one that had a monthly fee of $19.95 and a fee of $1.95 for giving me a copy of the one check that had cleared for $16.00 and really cost me $165.75.

Another $21.90 of unanticipated fees to TCF.

I sent them a note prepared by my new bank and signed by me,  to close my account.  They would not accept the letter because the signature was not notarized.

So finally, I went in last week – when I was sure everything had cleared, to actually close the account and closed the account.  On the sign in sheet – two people before me came in to – Close Account.

When I sat down with the TCF rep – they closed my account.  They did not speak to me – they did not ask why a customer of 20+ years was closing their account.  They did not care.

Like I said – I made some mistakes – but TCF has now officially been kicked to the curb and hopefully others can learn from my experiences.

PLEASE - Keep the Move Your Money Campaign Going.
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