Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Could You Say to a Pro-Choice person?

A lot of us may choose to walk away from a discussion when it turns to pro-life issues, and when the conversation turns to the topic of over-turning Roe v Wade

Sometimes we need some help on what we could say.

I found these questions in a magazine I was reading today and they were excerpted from Ms magazine.  I think they are quite good and wanted to share them with you.

How many years in prison do you think is appropriate for a woman who has an abortion?
How many years in prison to you think is appropriate for a doctor who performs an abortion?
How would you suggest that the states raise the necessary money needed for these prosecutions?

So, if your wife/sister/daughter/mother were in a life threatening pregnancy, you are telling me that you would be able to stand by and watch them die?

In the case of children that are a product of rape, which the women are then would be forced to carry - do you believe that the rapist should be held responsible for paying child support?

Just thought I'd share these.

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