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December 2010 - Wisconsin Unions Offered Concessions

And Scott Walker - said NO! Even before he was in office!!!

As the recall petitions are being examined in Wisconsin and as Wisconsinites posture themselves on both sides of the Scott Walker issues.  I feel like I need to repost this entry of mine from February of 2011 -  with a few updates.

This morning I heard someone on the radio whining about how the union members get too much, have too much and it was evident these whiners were spouting the Republican meme and did NOT know the facts.

t t t t t t t t t t t t t t Here's a redo of my February 2011 post.

The Wisconsin unions agreed to 100 MILLION dollars in concessions in December 2010.

I couldn’t believe this when I saw this mentioned on another bloggers site and the fact that I am not hearing about it on the news really pisses me off.

In December of 2010
The unions in Wisconsin Agreed to $100 MILLION dollars in concessions

In December of 2010
The lame duck session in Wisconsin did not approve the contracts

December 15, 2010 8:30 am  (my emphasis)

The new contracts include about $100 million in concessions on the part of the labor unions, including a freeze in salaries, 16 furlough days,  requiring employees to pay up to 0.8 percent of their salaries toward their pensions,  and up to a $12-per-month increase in employee contributions to health care.”

Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker has asked Doyle and the Legislature to stop the contract process until he takes over Jan. 3. Walker wants state workers to pay more toward their benefits. He said that requiring state workers to contribute 5 percent of their salaries to their pension fund, as well as additional increases in employees' contributions to their health care, could result in $154 million in savings.

MADISON, Wisconsin: The Lame Duck session of the Wisconsin Legislature had a dramatic ending as state employees are still working without a contract. Two outgoing Democratic State Senators casted the deciding vote to stall overdue labor agreements
To all you mealy mouth whiners out there saying,

“they need to give up stuff, just like me -  I'm hurting, they should hurt too -  because of the economy…”
If you aren't in a union - whose fault is that?  YOURS!  Organize your workplace and become a union member and quit your whining.

Again - here it is again - in DECEMBER 2010
The unions agreed
  To pay freezes

The unions agreed
  To 16 days off without pay - SIXTEEN!

The unions agreed
   To pay more for their health care

The unions agreed to
  Contribute more to their pensions
 ....  IN DECEMBER 2010  ...

In December 2010 the unions agreed to 100 MILLION dollars in concessions and that’s wasn’t good enough?

In February 2011 the unions are telling you they are willing to take concessions and that's not good enough?

The unions were willing to deal with you, Scott Walker and the State of Wisconsin - in good faith.

And that wasn’t good enough for Scott Walker?
You’re an asshole, Scott Walker - an unmitigated, arrogant asshole!
t t t t t t t t t t t t t t   End of my February 2011 Redo

Scott Walker wanted to destroy the unions - he didn't want to negotiate with the unions.
Scott Walker was only concerned with union busting.
Scott Walker doesn't know what the phrase "good faith" means.

The unions set a good example - Scott Walker and his legislative buddies acted like assholes.

Scott Walker was an asshole in February 2011 and he is still an asshole.

Maybe Scott Walker needs a call from the Koch brothers again!
  Oh, I forgot - he was in NY this week personally kissing up to the Kochs.
Maybe Scott Walker needs to call American for Prosperity and make his plan.
  Oh I forgot, the Kochs have made that call for him already.
Maybe Scott Walker needs to renew his ALEC membership.
  So he can be a legislator again - in Slovakia!

Scott Walker needs to realize
Scott Walker screwed up
Scott Walker is a failure and
Scott Walker is a disaster for the state of Wisconsin
and Scott Walker should forget about re-election.

The fact that Scott Walker is traveling to Texas, California, and New York to get money for his war chest for the re-election should be a huge sign to Wisconsinites that he needs to go.

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