Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SuperBowl ADS go from G - to PG 21 to X rated

Time to turn the SuperBowl off in over 40 cities in the United States - because of the ads!
I wonder if they will put up a disclaimer before the game or before the ad actually airs.  There has to be a disclaimer!

Either way - people have to be warned!
Including Minneapolis St Paul and anywhere that gets reception from KARE Channel 11.

The right to life movement is now the right to puke on your couch and carpet during the SuperBowl crowd - better not serve nachos (that's always a mess when upchucked).


by exploiting a loophole that requires stations to air ads by political candidates within 45 days of an election, Terry has managed to circumvent those standards.

“This means that primary states that fall within the 45 day window will have to run the graphic ads during the Super Bowl if he purchases the slots,” the Gazette says. “
What kind of Ads?

Anti-abortion ads showing graphic images of aborted fetuses covered in blood and surrounded by religious icons will air during the Super Bowl in February, courtesy of Democratic Presidential candidate Randall Terry.
Randall Terry of "Operation Rescue" fame.  (I've spent more than one night - sleeping in an abortion clinic to protect it from this asshole and his psychopathic friends.)

Here’s the list from a letter from Randall Terry asking for money to help pay for the SuperBowl advertisements.
These ads have already been seen in Iowa and New Hampshire and their surrounding states. We have gotten a good bit of media coverage in those areas as well.

But…Imagine the IMPACT
Pro-Life Ads on
The 2012 SUPER BOWL on Sunday, February 5 !!!

We will reach TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, and get enormous media coverage as
well. And THAT, my friend, is what the babies deserve.
And it is exactly what people like “Sophia” and The Abortion Gang who murder unborn babies
dread. They FEAR Americans seeing the truth.

Let’s be a voice for the babies. I beg you to give right away to these Pro-Life Super Bowl ads.
We only have a few days to book the ad, and to pay for them in advance in these cities.
What follows is a comprehensive list of the stations I could be on because I am running a hard
hitting, pro-life Presidential campaign against Obama:

Minnesota Caucus, 2/7 [Includes SD and ND Stations]
Minneapolis, MN, KARE-TV
Fargo, ND, KVLY-TV
Sioux Falls, SD, KDLT-TV
Rochester, MN, KTTC-TV
Missouri Primary, 2/7 [Includes IL and KS stations]
St Louis, MO, KSDK-TV
Joplin, MO, KSNF-TV
Springfield, MO, KYTV-TV
Quincy, IL, WGEM-TV
Kansas City, MO, (KS) KS KSHB-TV
Columbia, MO, KOMU-TV
Arizona Primary, 2/28
Flagstaff (Phoenix), AZ, KNAZ-TV
Mesa, (Phoenix), AZ, KPNX-TV
Tucson, AZ, KVOA-TV
Colorado Caucus, 3/6
Pueblo, (Colorado Springs) CO, KOAA-TV
Denver, CO, KUSA-TV
Grand Junction, CO, KKCO-TV
Oklahoma Primary, 3/6 [Includes TX and AR Stations]
Rogers, (Ft. Smith) AR, KNWA-TV
Amarillo, TX, KAMR-TV
Wichita Falls, TX, KFDX-TV
Tulsa, OK, KJRH-TV
Oklahoma City, OK, KFOR-TV
Ohio Primary, 3/6 [Includes IN station]
Cincinnati, OH, WLWT-TV
Cleveland, OH, WKYC-TV
Columbus, OH, WCMH-TV
Dayton, OH, WDTN-TV
Toledo, OH, WNWO-TV
Steubenville, OH, WTOV-TV
Youngstown, OH, WFMJ-TV
Zanesville, OH, WHIZ-TV
Fort Wayne, IN, WISE-TV
Hawaii Caucus, 3/7
Hilo, (Honolulu) HI, Station KHBC-TV
Honolulu, HI, Station KHNL-TV
Wailuku, HI, Station KOGG-TV
Maine Caucus, 3/11
Portland, ME, WCSH-TV
Bangor, ME, WLBZ-TV
Utah Caucus, 3/13 [Includes NV station]
Elko, NV, (Salt lake) KENV-TV
Salt Lake City, UT, KSL-TV

Do you see? The Super Bowl
Is a HUGE opportunity for the babies!

Click here if you want to view these horrific graphic disgusting ads on his webpage - that will be shown randomly during the SuperBowl.
These eff'ing pro-life buttheads have no boundaries. IMHO - someone should have aborted that fetus!
Got kids who want to watch the Superbowl?  Probably Not!

Be prepared to clean up the puke from your couch and carpet -


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