Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Republican - Working for GM or Chrysler?

and are you planning on voting Republican anytime in the future, please quit your job right now so someone else who can appreciate that job can have it!

If you are planning on voting Republican evidently the government (and other Americans) stepping forward to save your company and save your job - to put food on your table and help keep a roof over your head -  doesn't mean anything for you. 

If you are planning on voting Republican it is evident that you are ungrateful for the gift that was given to you - allowing you to keep your job for the short-term and the long-term.
Giving loans to the car companies was a huge headache for President Obama - people were telling him to let the car companies go bankrupt.  President Obama stood up for YOU, your company, and for your job.

Mitt Romney says that saving the company that you work for was a "huge mistake".
To the Republicans - your job is a huge mistake.
To the Republicans - you should be unemployed right now and searching for a job that pays $8.00 an hour and be happy you can have an $8 an hour job.
It doesn't matter how else you look at.
Voting Republican after this - should be a NO for you!

It doesn't matter what your other hot buttons are for politics - it just doesn't matter!
FACE IT - without a job - you would be in a street and your other political hot butons are meaningless.

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