Monday, January 23, 2012

MN GOP - Good for Business - Citizens Get Screwed

Last week the MN GOP published their agenda for the new year.  This will the first of several posts on their ALEC-like Reform 2.0 agenda.

ALEC member Kurt Zeller made the following comment:
"Tax and spend stimulus packages that create more government spending will not provide for long-term growth and stability in our state's private sector economy or state budget," said Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers (R-Maple Grove).
And my reaction was growth and stability for the private sector - eh? 
Sounds like the agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council is you ask me.  Private sector concerns - that's excellent ALEC-speak.  That's probably why ALEC change the name of their corporate members from "private sector member" to "corporate enterprise members" in 2011 - because ALEC legislative members need to use the phrase "private sector" too many times.

On the GOP Reform 2.0 webpage they make this statement
"The Reform 2.0 agenda is based on what we heard from them. This is not a Republican agenda. It is Minnesota's agenda."

Michelle Benson goes on to say that: 
“We have central reform principles that we believe will result in a better business climate. First, reforms will look at the cost and quality of education, health care and energy. Second, we will pursue a growth-friendly tax structure to encourage job creation and economic prosperity. Thirdly, reforms will address regulatory and permitting obstacles for job creators," said Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake). "Our priority is private sector job growth -- we want to promote innovation, investment and entrepreneurship to bring out the best about Minnesota to build long-term prosperity."
Better business climate - eh?  What about a better climate for all the citizens of the state - ya know - us folks who pay you salary?

Sounds like something Scott Walker said in February of 2011.

I've looked at their Reform 2.0 agenda and there is one key point that Minnesotans need to take away from this.
The MN GOP Reform 2.0 is good for business and bad for the citizens of the state.

They will try to convince the citizens of Minnesota that what is good for business is good for Minnesota - but that doesn't work when you also add in the cuts that will be needed to programs - due to reduced business tax revenues that the GOP is proposing.

Here's the first point - note the very first point -of the MN GOP Reform 2.0 agenda, (just like Scott Walker's first thing he did in January 2011) - tax cuts for business. 

The MN GOP Reform 2.0 agenda looks like something that Scott Walker, John Kasich and Rick Snyder would approve of .

A reduction in taxes anywhere
can only lead to cuts in programs elsewhere.

AND yes folks - the cuts to programs come further down the Reform 2.0 page - more on that later.
Business wins - citizens screwed.

Minnesota GOP Reform 2.0 - good for business and bad for the citizens of the state.

Welcome to Minnesota - the GOP state of rehashed ALEC agendas, ALEC "model legislation" (hah!), and ALEC pro-business philosophy and thinking.

Minnesota - Yes sirree!   We're open to business! 

Pro-business ALEC legislation, philosophy, agenda and legislators ready to serve you in 2012.

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