Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MN GOP - Nullifying My Vote

Last night when I was driving home I was listening to 950am left talk radio (which can be podcasted from anywhere in the world) and I heard something that was VERY distressing to me - personally.

In 2010 thousands of Minnesotans stepped into the voting booth to make the Minnesota House and Senate Republican for the first time in ages or even ever and the destruction of our state started.

At the same time that was happening (2010) those same thousands of voters were deciding between ALEC member Tom Emmer or Democrat Mark Dayton for the governor's office. 

If Emmer had won - Minnesota would have been a duplicate of Wisconsin and Ohio and Michigan. 
The whole state would have gotten f#cked royally.

Well - Democrat Mark Dayton is in the governors office.
I voted for Dayton.  I thought that my vote counted.

Well it doesn't.

I voted for Dayton and after the election thought
Well at least we aren't Wisconsin - we have a Dem in the governors mansion.
I thought that having a Dem in the governor's office would slow the damn GOP down.
Well that's a damn lie.

BIG F#cking Deal - 
We have a Dem as governor and the MN GOP are doing every endrun they can.

Minnesota is NOW worse than Wisconsin!~
No one is paying attention and the scuttlebutt is that EVERYTHING that the GOP thinks Dayton will veto is going to be passed this session as a possible amendment to the constitution - so Dayton can't veto it.

SO - Minnesota is still getting SCREWED.

The estimate is that at least 20 amendments to the Minnesota constitution will be put on the ballot in 2012 - because the f#cking MN GOP can't take no for an answer from our Democratic governor.

The sad part is -
Minnesota is not Wisconsin
and the GOP are going to screw the entire state
before more than 25 citizens will get together at one time
to say no (but in a very quiet. polite voice).

We don't have democracy in Minnesota anymore -
We are the current state of the GOP.

By the way


 - as witnessed in the remarks of Allen West to Liberals in relation to liberal progressive ideology:
"You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America."

The state where
One person, One vote
Has been changed to
One Party, One Vote.

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