Saturday, January 14, 2012

#Occupy Your Computer Screen (or TV)

Just got done watching something that I wanted to share with all.

This is 2 hours 37 minutes of probably the most important thing you can watch in awhile.  This is a program that every person in the 99% should watch.

I DO NOT usually recommend anything that is on CSPAN as the majority of the things they show are programs with talkers from right wing think tanks and an endless stream of interviews with right wing politicians and including many ALEC members - BUT this is good and this is worth watching.

In most of the country - it's cold outside - so here's a place that you can #Occupy - in front of a TV screen or your computer and watch what is probably the best panel.

The name of the show is "Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity",

BUT it is much more than that - and every occupier should watch it - I couldn't find a rebroadcast time for it - so this is all I can offer.

Gather some friends and watch and discuss and ENJOY!

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