Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unknowing Rebuttal to ALEC's Report Card on America...

This report was just released in MInnesota.  It is an example where the author recognizes something isn't right - but the author doesn't know where the original idea came from - in this case ALEC.  Because the author never notes the link with ALEC "model legislation (ha!) - very few people would see this report and read it.

ALEC has "model legislation" for charter schools, for vouchers, for everything and anything that will benefit their corporate sector members while taking funds away from the public schools. 

In the report they note this ALEC free market approach does not do what it is claims to do.

Indeed, the mounting evidence suggests that this market approach to education does not produce gains anywhere like those needed for universal student achievement.
I have not had the time to read the whole thing - but what I have read suggests that free market based educational systems based on (what I know is) lots and lots of  "model legislation" (hah!) from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - does NOT  necessarily produce the results that citizens are promised when they move their children to these corporately run educational alternatives.

From the report webpage

Minnesota is home to the nation’s oldest charter school law and has also implemented school choice initiatives, such as open enrollment. This simulated market experience has not supported the idea that increased competition drives improvement.

We have to stop taking taxpayer dollars away from our public schools and giving them to corporations that try to do education.

We have to stop this use of public tax dollars to fund corporate profits.

Why would we put our children's education in the hands of "profiteers" rather than those people in our public schools who are dedicated to education?

What ALEC is doing to America
is an EXPERIMENT in "free markets"
and the data is showing
that their "free market experiments" are failing and 
that ALEC  policies DO NOT WORK.

When it comes to ALEC and education -
2 + 2 does not equal 4
- it equals corporate profits and that is not good for anyone concerned.

ALEC members and those affiliated with ALEC in any manner
MUST NOT BE RE-ELECTED or receive our support in any means or manner!

Without state and federal legislators ALEC will cease to exist and it will implode.

For more information on ALEC –
Please read this or this or this

This is what ALEC is About  - An Interview with Mark Pocan about the ALEC Annual Meeting.

And watch this news video  from North Carolina on how other ALEC "model legislation" is going to screw the citizens of North Carolina - legislation introduced by ALEC legislators.

Do your own act of education!
Send the links shown above to friends and family and educate them about ALEC.

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