Monday, January 23, 2012

MN GOP Reform 2.0: Business-2, Citizens ZERO

This is my second post regarding the MN GOP “Reform 2.0" agenda for the 2012 session.

Just like the first item on the GOP Reform 2.0 agenda, item number two on the MN GOP Reform 2.0 agenda again falls into the pro-business agenda liked so much by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

It should be noted by all Minnesotans that the MN GOP had a choice of what they would list first on their agenda – and they chose to put PRO-BUSINESS reforms as their top two agenda items. Reason being, you really can’t get people to jump up and down with joy if you were to lead off with the cuts to services that follow later in their agenda.

Yippee – look what we are doing for business in Minnesota – Yippee!
Reducing Regulations – Creating Opportunity. Just for Business! Yippee!

I’m just so happy that we are "taking care of business” in Minnesota, so they can keep more of their profits - even when they do something wrong -  this next legislative session,
and kicking the health and safety protections of citizens and our environment to the ditch – Yippee!


Yep – more ALEC-speak.  ALEC has always been big on reducing regulations – because regulations (regulations that protect the citizens of the state) have a tendency to cut the opportunity of a business’s ability to make more and more and more and more profits and increase their revenues.

Yep – reduce the regulations and create opportunity for the private sector to rake in more dough – while citizens are forced to eat, breathe and work in unsafe conditions. 
Hella of deal for the citizens of Minnesota.

So let’s take a look at some of their key points in the “Creating Opportunity to Make more Revenue at the expense of the Minnesotans health and safety" – bullet point number two.

This bullet point is a no brainer – you all should be able to figure it out
  • Establish limited moratorium on state rulemaking and regulations.

The next two bullet points are confusing to me – as I’m not sure what these mean – but I’m sure it means the state government paying out more money to [private sector executives to participate in this process – so their executives can make more money.
  • Create Small Business Regulatory Review Board
  • Create an ombudsman as a primary contact in state government for new and expanding businesses.

And then here’s a particularly scary point
  • Reform prevailing wage laws to lower the cost of construction projects.
This one probably has something to do with ALEC’s Right to Work (for Less) “model legislation" (hah!) or their ALEC's elimination of the minimum wage “model legislation" (hah!) or one of ALEC’s other bills that decimate the middle class so business can make more money.

Remember folks – the name of this section
of the GOP Reform 2.0 agenda is
Reducing Regulations – Create Opportunity.

Then the MN GOP move into their next piece of pro-business agenda which is taking away the rights of citizens to litigate – so business can keep more of their money – even when they do something really bad.
  • Reform state laws to curtail lawsuit abuse
This is part of ALEC’ Tort Reform program
– which, by the way, ALEC published a whole report on how to do this and
– which, by the way, Scott Walker implemented in February of 2011.
Minnesota tried to pass this ALECtort reform  "model legislation" (hah!) in 2011 – but some good Democratic legislators stood up and fought against it – so we got a reprieve.

Not sure what the first bullet point noted next means – but I’m sure it benefits business somehow – the question is which businesses – Koch owned businesses?  The second bullet point is very interesting – pay special attention to the bolded word.
  • Lower energy costs by crediting hydro power in renewable energy goals.
  • Require agencies to keep clean water standards at the Federal maximum.
Business wins – Minnesota’s lakes and streams get screwed.

And then there is the last point and probably the best.
  • Create advisory inspection program so businesses can fix issues without the threat of penalties or fines.
God forbid the State of Minnesota would make businesses pay fines and penalties when they break the law.  Screw over any citizen, any piece of our environment - and as long as your "promise" to fix it - we won't fine you.  (Wonder if my creditors would do that for me - the checks in the mail, I promise.)

If businesses were good at keeping their word - we wouldn't have needed to start fining them in the first place (GOP are a bunch of idiots)!!!

A reduction in regulations anywhere
will result in safety, health and sanitation issues
for the people, lakes and streams of Minnesota.

AND yes folks - cuts to programs come further down the Reform 2.0 page - more on that later.

Minnesota - Yes sirree!   We're open to business! 

Pro-business ALEC legislation, philosophy, agenda and legislators ready to serve you in 2012.
Business wins - citizens and environment get screwed.

Minnesota GOP Reform 2.0 Scoreboard:
Business: 2 - Citizens: ZERO, zip, nadda

Minnesota GOP Reform 2.0 - good for business and bad for the citizens and the environment of the state.
Welcome to Minnesota - the GOP state of rehashed ALEC agendas, ALEC "model legislation" (hah!), and ALEC pro-business philosophy and thinking.

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