Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Koch Brothers Attack on Obama

Americans for Prosperity - a Koch brothers think tank - has put together a multi-million dollar ad that they are running in six states - connecting Obama and the Solyndra bankruptcy.

It is running in
Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Iowa
It is a a Koch production and full of Koch misrepresentations. 

If someone asks you about the ad - tell them it produced by the Koch brothers.

The purpose of the ad
The conservative group touted the ad as the "first major ad buy of 2012 focused on the Obama Administration's failed policies."

"This ad is important because it puts a spotlight on how cronyism and blind ideology came together in the halls of the White House,"
Yeh, right - cronyism?

Blind ideology?
Yeh right, blind ideology?

They are trying to take the spotlight off of Wall Street and off of ALEC where cronyism is rampant and being blind to the needs of the nation is prevalent.

Don't kid yourself - it's the 1%'s  attempt to keep the 99% from voting for a Democrat.

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