Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MN GOP Job Plan = Lay Off Democrats

This got lost yesterday - with everything else that was going on.

It happened the first thing of the first day fo the session.

Minnesota Republicans have found a way to reduce the Senate’s deficit. They’re going to make the Democrats pay for it.

Republicans voted to reduce DFL staff at the Senate by more than $400,000 — meaning the DFL will have to lay off 12 to 14 people of its 43 person staff. Republicans will not reduce their staff of 73 people at all. Republicans had promised to reduce Senate costs as part of last year’s budget agreement.
(Please consider donating to the Uptake – they provide an excellent news service for Minnesota and Wisconsin and the Occupy Movement.  They livestream events other news does not carry.  And, no, I have no connections to the Uptake – except enjoying the news they give to the region.)

I hate the GOP - I hate them!
I hate them!
That's my two cents.

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