Saturday, September 1, 2012

ALEC Membership IS Open to Congress

This post is a reminder why it is important to know all past and present members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and why we must NOT elect or re-elect or appoint any ALEC  member to public office.

The press has repeatedly referred to past ALEC members as "alumni".
This misleads the public into thinking that the person is no longer a member oor no longer active.

American Legislative Exchange Council
Form 990, Part VI, Line 77 - Changes to Organizing Documents
Year Ended December 31, 2007            52-0140979


Section 3.03 Qualifications for Membership.   Full Membership shall be open to persons dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty, basic American values and institutions, productive free enterprise, and limited representative government, who support the purposes of ALEC, and who serve, or formerly served as members of a state or territorial legislature, the United States congress, or similar bodies outside the United States of America.

Section 3:04 State Membership. A state or other political sub-division there of, may become a member of ALEC. Such membership fees will be established as set forth in Section 3.02.

elect, re-elect or appoint ALEC members
to any office that is suppose to represent the public.

This is true at the federal and state level - and is also true for the county and city level - and for elections or appointments to public commissions.

The American Legislative Exchange Council receives  almost 98% of it funding comes from corporations and that is who ALEC legislators and public office holders serve!!!

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