Thursday, September 27, 2012

Give Charter Schools an "F"

C. Charter Schools? They Flunk.

Milton Friedman's 1955 article, "The Role of Government in Education," argued for a voucher system that would allow parents to purchase the school of their choice for their children. Just as Friedman's supply-side free-market beliefs have been proven wrong, so also the notion of privatizing education is doomed to failure.
Read this on Common Dreams and thought of ALEC

Also thought of that nasty new ALEC movie that is out promoting the parent-trigger (it can’t be linked to ALEC directly , but I’m sure the screenplay writers didn’t come up with that storyline by themselves).

The article on Common Dreams goes on to say:

The evidence against charter schools is overwhelming. Their relative ineffectiveness is documented by studies from Stanford University, the Department of Education, Johns Hopkins University, and the RAND Corporation.

In addition to their poor performance, charters are more segregated, less likely to accept students with disabilities, and conducive to a widening of the racial and rich-poor education gaps.

Also, charter school teachers have less experience, and their turnover rate is higher.

This article on charter schools is very well worth your time with lots of informative links that will save you lots of time if you write about school issues – particularly charter schools.

Read the whole thing >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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