Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey, Republicans - Move Your Thinkless Tanks to the Arctic.

The lies that the American Legislative Exchange Council has spread through their magazine Inside ALEC to legislators and corporate profit sector members never ceases to astound me.
2,700+ gullible - intellectually challenged, state and federal legislators believing anything that ALEC puts in front of them as "educational materials".

It's interesting that MN ALEC member Jungbauer never showed up for the climate debate that he was sure he could win.  Shows you that ALEC-ers don't even trust the validity of the right-wing thinkless tanks junk science - when dealing with a REAL SCIENTIST.
But they keep spouting it - same old tired right-wing thinkless tank propaganda.

InsideALEC February 2007
Despite the claims of global warming alarmists, however, there is little evidence that we face imminent, catastrophic climate change as a result of human activity and the very technologies that improve and enrich our lives. There is even less evidence that we must take immediate, drastic action to prevent a climate Armageddon.

The “hockey stick” temperature graph has been discredited. Interior Greenland and Antarctica are gaining ice mass, not losing it. Himalayan glaciers are growing, not receding. Gulf Stream circulation has not slowed. Seas are expected to rise only a foot or so over the next century.

ALEC spread this crap to over 2,700 state legislators in the form of their educational materials every month – every day. ALEC legislators are so stupid they believed this.

Here’s the real deal – real facts – not hocus pocus like the Koch thinkless tanks publish.

NASA and U.S. ice experts announced earlier this week that the extent of Arctic sea ice has dropped to 4.1 million square kilometers (1.58 million square miles) — breaking the previous record set in 2007 — and will likely continue to fall even farther until mid-September. As the summer melt season ends, the Arctic Ocean will be covered with 45 percent less ice than the average from 1979 to 2000.

Peter Wadhams,      believes that the Arctic is likely to become ice-free before 2020 and possibly as early as 2015 or 2016 — decades ahead of projections made just a few years ago.

A small number of climate scientists say that natural variability may be playing a significant role      But an overwhelming majority of Arctic ice experts say that recent data offer powerful evidence that summer sea ice has passed a point of no return.
Now I suppose Republicans will defund NASA – cause NASA facts disagree with the fossil fuel -industry propaganda spread by “free market” Republicans.

Thank you very much – STUPID REPUBLICANS!
You can pack up your damn thinkless tanks now and call them extinct.

Better yet - this winter - why don't you move all the offices
- of all the Koch thinkless tanks to the Arctic for permanent relocation.
Show the world you really believe your science - live it!!! 
Show the world you are not afraid.
"Work it, work it Baby, work it! Work it, own it!"
Dare ya!
Double dog dare ya!
Cowards?  thought so.

It is evident that the current ALEC state and federal legislators can only listen to one voice and that is “his/her fossil-fuel Masters voice”.

Because ALEC legislators are so damn dumb
that they believe this corporate biased bullcrap –
we MUST make sure
that ALL ALEC members
in the state and federal government
are not re-elected or re-appointed
to any public office.

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