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Allen (VA) - "ALEC is a Great Organzation"

It’s sometimes amazing to me the arrogance that members of ALEC display.

In today’s entry – I am going to be introducing you to George Wallace – oops, Allen of “Welcome to America, macaca.”  fame.

He is so proud of his affiliation with the nastiness of the American Legislative Exchange Council – that like a past president – he has put his speeches online for all to read.   Unfortunately, it appears that most people have not read the content of the Allen speeches because there is a conspicuous lack of coverage about the speeches in the press.
So my job had been defined for me.

First let’s start with his speech when he accepted the infamous Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award from ALEC in 1996.

It’s important to remember when reading his speech – that he is with his “buddies” – his “friendlies” – he can say what he really thinks and what he knows they will appreciate.

First – he has to acknowledge the dignitaries in the room – I will repeat them so you can be aware of some who were at the ALEC banquet.
Steve Martin – Virginia
Lincolon Almond – Rhode Island
Dale Van Vyen
Bonnie Cooper
Brad Graham
Patricia Kempthorne – wife of Senator Dick Kempthorne

At this point – Allen makes the following comment to Patricia Kempthorne:
“Please thank Dirk for getting through that bill, before it was so widely popular, to end unfunded mandates from the federales”
YES – you read that correctly – “the federales”
Wonder if that has something to do with Allen’s basic lack of knowledge when it comes to language.  Macaca – federales – “I didn’t know what I was saying – it is just “a word” isn’t it?

Then he goes on to thank the Viriginia delegation that was there that evening
Kevin Miller
Fred Quayle
Bill Bolling
Randy Forbes
Bill Howell
Harvey Morgan
Leo Wardup
Bob Tatta
Riley Ingram
Frank Ruff

Then he verifies it
“I was a member of ALEC years ago when I was in the legislature”
“The American Legislative Exchange Council is a great organization”
“ I also have great respect for the six past recipient of this award, especially for another of my personal heroes, President Ronald Reagan.”
“Other than being elected Governor by the people of Virginia, receiving ALEC’s Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award if the highest honor that I have received.”
He’s probably still a member – because in 2005 ALEC noted in their “Federal Forum” report
Serving as Federal Forum Co-Chairmen, Senator George Allen and Congressman Mark Green continue their dedication to ALEC’s mission at the federal level.

He goes on to note that the attendees share several attributes – one of which is their principle in
“restrained government”
Interesting choice of words 
ALEC references their desire for limited government and I have found documentation where ALEC promotes the end goal as to “limit government”, but the use of the phrase “restrained government” is a new and interesting twist on this approach of wholesale destruction of our democratic representative government by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

He notes
     the way forward is to restore to the states    their rightful place of preeminence in our federal system.    Our country began as an individualistic and community-oriented society with limited government, and rightly so.”
Tenther talk
More on that in the next blog entry

He then quotes Thomas Jefferson – with a quote that I find interesting based on the course that right wing extremist – such as ALEC members have taken over the past decades.
“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, but which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.
BUT – if you take into consideration that the only men he is probably talking about are industrialists – like the Koch brothers – this quote makes a hell of lot of sense, historically – with what the United States has endured for the past decades.  And then you have the recent issue – “Corporations are people, my friend.”  Maybe ALEC has been thinking that for decades.

It’s important to remember when reading his speech – that he is with his “buddies” – his “friendlies” – he can say what he really thinks and what he knows they will appreciate.

He goes on to state
“Unfortunately, the federal government – especially the unelected bureaucrats – has defied, and routinely ignores, virtually every congressional limit to confine its reach, and thus safeguard the freedoms of Americans.”
To understand this statement – you need to understand that ALEC-ers want to get rid of all federal watchdog agencies.  He is being very specific in this statement that he agrees with the basic tenants of ALEC that the EPA, the NLRB, the Department of Education, the FDA, the USDA, etc. need to be abolished.

THEN – he goes on to espouse his ALEC prowess as the governor of Virginia.

First to criminal justice reform:
He goes on to note that in Virginia they got rid of the parole program. 
Now, a ten year sentence means ten years of prison in Virginia.”
God, I bet CCA was wetting their pants when he said that.

Education Reform
    we stood up the elites in the education establishment who think the only way to show care – and the only way to improve public education  - is by simply spending more money.”
Well, that is definitely ALEC-speak – but the real question is “who are the elites?”.  In true ALEC tradition – he is probably referring to the teacher unions.  But then again it could be those elitist parents who think smaller classroom size and increased technology and other services are good for the education of their children.

We have killed feel-good Outcome-Based Education.  It is a graveyard dead and gone in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

We are moving forward not because any bureaucrat in the federal Department of Education told us to do it  ..  and not because we wanted to get any Goals 2000 money, which we have turned down.

In Virginia, we think accountability should not be to those folks on the north bank of the Potomac River   
That damn Washington DC
and “the federal government – especially the unelected bureaucrats”

Job-creating Economic Development
“In Virginia, we now require economic impact statement – not just environmental impact statements – for all new regulations.

We thought it was time to regulate the regulators and the unelected bureaucrats for a change!”
That damn Washington DC
and “the federal government – especially the unelected bureaucrats”
Wonder who gets to do the economic impact statement – the ALEC profit sector corporations?
We also achieved $360 million in various forms of tax relief for Virginia citizens and businesses, and we have doubled the number of state enterprise zones in Virginia.

Definitely tax relief for businesses
“Enterprise zones" are an ALEC concept -
Part VI: Empowerment, Opportunity and Urban Poverty
Volume I: Sourcebook of American State Legislation 1995
The Enterprise Zone Act establishes zones in depressed areas that have reduced taxes and removal of unnecessary government barriers to the production and earning of wages and profits and the creation of economic growth.

And just what would the corporations receive for doing this?  Here’s an example from the ALEC Enterprise Zone Act”.
    shall receive a tax credit equivalent to 50 percent of the state and local tax on their income.

State and local income taxes on capital gains from the sale of qualified property within the zone are hereby abolished.

All sales taxes in transactions by qualified businesses shall be reduced by 100 percent.

Building materials used in remodeling, rehabilitation, or new construction in a zone, and new and used equipment and machinery purchased by qualified businesses for use in the zone, certified by the purchaser to be used for these purposes, shall be exempt from sales and use taxes.

All property taxes within an Enterprise Zone shall be reduced by 50 percent ratable over the first two years

Motor vehicles purchased and used by qualified businesses located in the Enterprise Zone shall be exempt from any motor vehicle usage tax.

All unemployment insurance taxes on qualified businesses shall be reduced by 100 percent.

All interest payment on loans made to qualified businesses or on mortgage loans made on any property within an enterprise zone shall be exempt from all state and local taxes,
Pretty nice deal for ALEC corporate profit sector members – eh?????????

Allen went on to say
“In Virginia, we believe we must have the right policies    the right labor practices, such as our Right to Work Law, … 
Right to work for less is an ALEC concept -
PART I:  Business and Labor
ALEC’s model Right-to -Work Act provides that no employee-need join or pay dues to a union, or refrain - from joining a union, as a condition of employment. The Act establishes penalties and remedies for violations of the Act’s provisions.

And he had this to say
“We want to have reasonable workers’ compensation policies.  We, in Virginia, are proud of having one of the lowest workers’ compensation rates in the nation.  We achieved this by keeping lawyers’ role limited and by not allowing gradually incurred injuries to be lopped on to employers.”
And ALEC had legislation for him to use.
The immunity from suit provided under this Section (and under Section ___ of this chapter) may be lost only if the employer or the person against whom liability is asserted acted with “deliberate intention,” This requirement may be satisfied only if: it is proven by a preponderance of the evidence that such employer or person against whom liability is asserted acted with a consciously and deliberately intention to produce a specific result of injury or death to an employee.

Those damn lawyers – better get that ALEC tort reform packet of model legislation done – so we can take more consumer and worker rights away.
The recent failure of the United States Senate to invoke cloture on a modest federal product liability bill, despite bipartisan sponsorship and support, has focused renewed attention on the efficacy of one of the most visible single-issue special interest groups in our nation’s capital, and in most statehouses – the plaintiff bar, better known as trial lawyer.  Michael C. Hotra, Civil Justice Task Force Director   August 1998

When the legal system becomes a system of jackpot justice, with huge awards not related to the negligence or misbehavior of the company being sued, the biggest winners are trial lawyers.. 2009 – Scott Walker

ALLEN:  “by not allowing gradually incurred injuries to be lopped on to employers.”

ALEC:  This requirement [paying workers comp] may be satisfied only if: it is proven by a preponderance of the evidence that such employer or person against whom liability is asserted acted with a consciously and deliberately intention
Damn that carpal tunnel, asbestos poisoning, – that’s not a real work related injury.  The company never intentionally did that.
You have evidence that your injury is work related?  Well all that evidence is based on what ALEC refers to as “junk science” to promote lawsuits against ALEC corporate profit sector members.

“And our state government is there to help – not hinder – our friends in the private sector”
And the crowd stands up and CHEERS!!!!!

Welfare Reform
“Not surprisingly, all the whiners and liberals are spewing fear, preaching gloom and doom, and talking with desperation about impending disaster because of the new welfare reform law that was passed.
Referring to Clinton’s welfare reform.
“How dare those arrogant individuals say that states cannot handle such an important responsibility as reforming welfare!
Surprised he didn’t say bastards – but then suits don’t do that in public, most times.
“For example, we require able-bodied welfare recipients to work in exchange for their benefits within 90 days – instead of waiting two years under the new federal law.”

“We are not increasing welfare benefits for those who have more children while on welfare in Virginia   

“We are getting welfare recipients into more private-sector jobs.  In fact, 1600 welfare recipients statewide are working.  Yes, some of these jobs are entry level.  But they are not dead-end jobs.

There is an employer in northern Virginia, Frank Meeks, who owns a couple dozen Domino’s Pizza franchises.  H pledged to hire 300 welfare recipients in the next twelve months.
DAMN – those are really good jobs with high potential!
And you have this snip from an ALEC article bragging about Allen’s welfare reforms.
1995 – March ALEC FYI magazine
"We have sent a message that welfare in Virginia will no longer be a way of life, but a temporary means of assistance that will serve as a hand up to opportunity rather than a hand out to dependency," said Governor George Allen.

Several ALEC model proposals are embodied in the Virginia Independence Program.

And then he gets into some tenther talk.
Tomorrow I will have a longer article on his tenther fixation.

Preserving our freedoms in the Future
“One positive reform I support, and Virginia’s General Assembly endorsed in 1995 if the States Initiative.  It would allow states to initiate constitutional changes without having to depend on Congress or the convening of a constitutional convention.”

Another important tool is the States Veto.  The states’ Veto would grant two-thirds of the States – acting in concert – the power to repeal overly burdensome federal laws and regulations.

That was then
ALEC Board of Directors' Ad Hoc Committee on Federalism
Model Legislation in Update '96
Accountability in Government Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
A resolution for the purpose of petitioning Congress to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution for submission to the states to prohibit the federal government from imposing: regulatory mandates on the states or their political subdivisions; unfunded mandates on state and local governments; and, spending conditions that are unrelated to the actual expenditures of funds allocated by Congress. (Update '96, pg. 2)

And this was ALEC in 2010
Constitutional Convention Amendment
This resolution urges the Congress of the United States to call a Constitutional Convention pursuant to Article V of the U.S. Constitution to propose a constitutional amendment permitting repeal of any federal law or regulation by a vote of two-thirds of the state legislatures. The delegates to such a convention should be selected according to procedures established by the legislatures of several states.  (Source:  Inside ALEC | September/October 2010)

And this is Virginia in 2012 (my emphasis)
State Conservatives Seek to Amend U.S. Constitution
Posted By Stateline | February 9, 2011
Last week, with little fanfare, the Virginia House of Delegates approved a truly radical piece of legislation. It passed a "Repeal Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution which would give the states veto power over any enactment of Congress.


Virginia House Delegate Joseph Morrissey, a Democrat and a former constitutional law professor, responds that the push for the Repeal Amendment in Virginia is a misguided expression of opposition to the federal health care law. Federalism as designed by the founding fathers is alive and well, he says, as evidenced by the myriad challenges to the health care law currently working their way through the court system.

"We don't monkey around with the Constitution lightly, and that's the way the founding fathers designed it," he says. "What they're proposing is radical and dangerous and unpatriotic."
His closing
“Your efforts are helping to chart a new course for America’s future – not from the cold corridors of Washington, DC down     but from the grassroots up.”

“It is my fondest wish that, together, through our work and principled endeavors, John Adam’s dying words will continue to ring true:  Jefferson lives!

What the hell?????????
Must be ALEC code of some kind.

It’s important to remember when reading his speech – that he is with his “buddies” – his “friendlies” – he can say what he really thinks and what he knows they will appreciate.

Soo……… guess is ALL the Virginia legislation he raved about in this speech is probably ALL ALEC legislation.

Virginia – what ya gonna do with this ALEC-er???

It would be horrible to send George Allen to the
“north bank of the Potomac River 
“cold corridors of Washington, DC 

And make him a part of
“the federales”

WE must make sure that
all ALEC members are NOT
elected or re-elected
to the state and federal governments.

One voice – One vote

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