Friday, September 28, 2012

Free-Market Healtth Care LIES!

Physician Philip Caper of Brooklin is a founding board member of Maine AllCare, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group committed to making health care in Maine universal, accessible and affordable for all, and a member of Physicians for a National Health Program.

SNIPS from a Common Dreams Article by Caper (my emphasis)
When it comes to competition and health care, let the buyer beware.

Americans have the most market-driven health care system in the world.
We are now seeing the results.
We have the world’s highest health care costs,
the highest rates of un- and underinsurance,
 some of the poorest health outcomes, and
an almost universal belief that our health care system is badly broken.

Excellent article –
Read the whole thing >>>HERE<<<<

That’s what free-market thinking gets you.
This is the damage that free-market thinking has done to US.
This is what ALEC legislators HIDE from you with their “free-market” LIES.

We must make sure
ALL ALEC members
At the state and federal level are
ARE NOT elected or re-elected.

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