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Moyers to Expose ALEC - Right Wing Whines!!!!

Yes sirree !   ALEC is going to be on TV.

Bill Moyers will be doing a special this week on ALEC and introducing the United States to the nastiness known as ALEC.

Next Week's Bill Moyer's & Company will feature ALEC.
A documentary named
The United States of ALEC

Yes, sirree!!!! ALEC is going to be on TV
AND the right wing is shitting nickels.

They have already started the media spin trying to save ALEC’s butt. 
But – now – the entire United States is going to know about the nastiness known as the ALEC.

Now is the time to check you local listings and have an ALEC party.  Bring lots of booze – you will need it!!! 

Anyway – now to the right wing shitting nickels.

The Media Research Center is already trying to bash Moyers for his documentary.

A Little Bit about MRC.

The Media Research Center (MRC) is a conservative content analysis organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 1987 by conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III. Its stated mission is to "prove — through sound scientific research — that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values" and to "neutralize [that bias's] impact on the American political scene".

Media Research Center has received $412,500 from ExxonMobil since 1998.

Koch Industries Climate Denial Front Group
Media Research Center (MRC)

March 31, 2010 $14,030 received from Koch foundations 2005-2010 [Total Koch foundation grants 1997-2010: $15,005]

The Media Research Center has also contributed to the "ClimateGate" echo chamber, criticizing national media outlets for a lack of "ClimateGate" coverage.

And then SourceWatch has these little bits of something, something about MRC.
(MRC) is a conservative media watchdog group run by president and founder Brent Bozell. In 2006 the MRC had total revenue of $10.8 million[1] and 50 full-time staff members. It is predominately funded by larger right-wing foundations (see below) with other comparatively minor sources of income from rental income and investments. In it's 2006 annual report, the group's founder wrote that MRC "continued to regularly provide intellectual ammunition to conservative activists, arming them with the weapons to fight the leftist press."[2]

“The mission of the Media Research Center is to bring balance and responsibility to the news media. Leaders of America's conservative movement have long believed that within the national news media a strident liberal bias existed that influenced the public's understanding of critical issues. On October 1, 1987, a group of young determined conservatives set out to not only prove - through sound scientific research - that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values, but also to neutralize its impact on the American political scene. What they launched that fall is the now acclaimed --- Media Research Center (MRC)."[4]

The liberal media watch group Media Matters for America has also repeatedly criticized the MRC, charging that they view the media "through a funhouse mirror that renders everything--even the facts themselves--as manifestations of insidious bias." [5]

Following the publication of a Bloomberg Businessweek article examining and criticizing the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC), MRC immediately came to ALEC's defense. MRC's Iris Somberg accused the authors of the article of accepting "the liberal mantra that corporations are evil and buy support through shadowy groups" and asserted that the article "is thick with one-sided caricatures of conservative policies could have easily been written by a left-wing blogger." [6]

But rather than criticizing the Businessweek article on the merits, or countering the claims that its author's make, MRC's Somberg sets up a convoluted ad hominem. Somberg writes that groups cited in the article had received funding from the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, but does not actually dispute any thing those groups say.
BOY – Will that sound familiar in just a minute!!!!

The MRC article condescendingly states that the Businessweek authors say that ALEC receives funding from Exxon Mobil ("Nothing says evil like Big Oil cash," Somberg writes), perhaps to set up some sort of false equivalency with other groups indirectly receiving Soros money. But Exxon Mobil is only one of many corporations mentioned in the Businessweek article that fund ALEC.

FUNNY – Cause Exxon is a big funder of MRC.  Interesting how they would pick that particular time!!!

 MRC does not mention that ALEC is led by lobbyists, and gets 98% of its funding from corporate interests. The problem with ALEC's corporate funding is not just with the funding per se, but with the fact that those dollars are being used to influence elected officials, and to push laws that govern the lives of all Americans designed to benefit the corporate bottom line.
DUH!!!! No one talks about this part.

And    I have found when talking with others that they don’t see much wrong with this.  UNTIL you tell them that corporations provide more than 90% of the legislation that is introduced at ALEC meetings.  Then you have to stress the fact that they not only introduce the legislation – but it is legislation that the corporations have written – then people start to listen.

And what does MRC have to say about Moyers documentary???? 
Here's where the right wing whining starts.
PBS’s Moyers Gives Over $1.3 million to 4 of 6 Groups Attacking Conservative ALEC
This definitely has more impact – 1/3 million – whoopee
How about these right wing headlines???????
Sheldon Adelson Willing to Spend $100 Million to Beat Obama
Will the $500 million pledged from the Koch brothers and other American oligarchs be enough to defeat Obama in 2012?
Get real – right wingers – get real!!!!!!

Few in journalism are viewed with as much veneration and respect as media veteran Bill Moyers.

Those accolades ignore the reality that Moyers is involved in a massive conflict of interest. As a journalist Moyers reported repeatedly on attacks by liberal groups against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But his reporting failed to note he has helped fund four of the six organizations involved in the attack. Moyers has also criticized conservative groups and the Tea Party time and again, while he promoted liberal causes.
Now – I watch a lot of Moyers and yes he is a voice for DEMOCRACY – not necessarily democrats.  Moyers focus is his concern about what is happening to our DMEOCRACY – something the right wingers are hoping that the majority of people in the Untied States are not paying too much attention to.

Moyers heads the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, which has given away $1,360,000 to groups leading the attack on ALEC. That point was ignored in four stories written about ALEC on Moyers’ website in 2012, even though Moyers has been criticized for his connections in the past. Similarly, billionaire George Soros also donated more than $12 million to those same organizations.
Who the hell cares!!!!!
Doesn’t the right-wing get it that right-wing money bags are contributing more to the destruction of the United States than any liberal or democratic funding.

C’mon you right-wing whining hypocrites!  Last time I heard right wing PACS were overspending the left wing by about 10 to 1 million dollars trying to buy this election.  What Moyer is possibly contributing – which I question in thei article – is by far MINISCULE to what the right wing money bags are dishing out to steal this election and destroy the US democracy.

The campaign against ALEC, dubbed “ALEC Exposed,” managed to pressure several of ALEC’s donors to pull their funding from the group, including Kraft, McDonalds, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. On Sept. 14, pharmaceutical giant Merck was the latest to withdraw.
Whine – whine, whine.
Give me a glass of pinot noir – so I can share your pain – a$$holes.

One, fairly recent, example of Moyers’s hypocrisy was his coverage of the attacks against the ALEC. ALEC, a non-profit organization that promotes state-based policy initiatives, has been heavily criticized by the left for its politically conservative stance on many issues.
Oh, poor ALEC –
ALEC can’t come out from behing the curtains to defend themselves so they have to send Koch and SCaife funded MRC to do their work for them.
What a bunch of damn wimps!!

In March 2012, a group of lefty organizations including the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Center for Media and Democracy (which are not the same group, despite the similarities in name), the Center for American Progress, People for the American Way, United Republic, Common Cause and Color of Change, launched a campaign to pressure the corporations that funded ALEC to withdraw their support.
Whine – whine, whine.
Give me a glass of pinot noir – so I can share your pain – a$$holes.

And then the right wing media goes to the only lefty they love to bash!  Soros
The same four organizations that received funds from Moyers have also received money from Soros’s Open Society Foundation since 2000, totaling, $12,338,491:

•Center for American Progress ($5,784,991)
•People for the American Way ($4,200,000)
•Common Cause ($2,153,500)
•Center for Media and Democracy ($200,000)
The Open Society foundation also gave $300,000 to Color of Change in 2010.
You would think the right-wing nut jobs could find a more current and salient gripe to have.
Whoopee!!!! The dems have Soros – OMG!!!! Whooppee!!!

And then they throw the final inevitable right wing bullet  .. 
Before he was a renowned journalist, Bill Moyers, now 78, was involved in liberal politics. He served in the Kennedy administration as the associate director for public affairs for the Peace Corps, and then later in the Johnson administration as Johnson’s press secretary. Moyers spoke highly of LBJ, and has pointed to him as an example of how a president should handle Medicare. Moyers hosted Bill Moyers Journal on PBS from 1971 through 1981 with a brief hiatus from 1976-1977. He also worked as an analyst and commentator on both CBS and NBC.
Oh, my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

The right wing media never – never ceases to amaze me.

They think that their fascist leaders are the end all – be all gods to the world.  They can’t stand it when someone takes a stand against the fascism known as the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Can someone please tell me what ALEC is paying their big buck PR firm for – because it’s evident that they are still relying on raunchy right wing media to try and save ALEC’s a$$. 

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