Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Pharma - Still Waiting for Their ALEC Return On Investment

"I would say ALEC is a good investment. 
Nowhere else can you get a return that high."

Found this on Common Dreams – an excellent example that an ALEC membership – is a great investment - with a high return.
(my emphasis)
Major pharmaceutical companies undeterred as profits continue to rise

The charges against major pharmaceutical companies accused of defrauding their Medicaid programs, include overcharging health programs, largely in the form of drug pricing fraud, as well as unlawful promotion of 'off-label' drugs (promoting drugs for unapproved uses).

2012 has already broken the record for financial penalties and court settlements against the pharmaceutical industry, with $6.6 billion recovered by mid-July.

The big pharma corporations associated with the largest penalties include GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Abbott. These companies were responsible for two-thirds of the financial penalties paid out to the federal and state governments over the course of the study period. GlaxoSmithKline topped the list with $3.1 billion in settlements.

De-Regulation – An ALEC goal.
Destroying Consumer Rights – An ALEC goal.
   BOTH increase profits for pharma - while endangering the US population.

GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Abbott.
ALL ALEC members

Just think how much more money they can make and how many lives they can destroy – using their membership with ALEC.

ALL of them want to add MORE PROFIT to their bottom line – by using nasty legislation, written by them and the other ALEC profit sector members and then distributed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, on their greedy behalf.

ALEC Annual Meeting Brochure

"I would say ALEC is a good investment. 
Nowhere else can you get a return that high."

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