Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Defending ALEC - The Wrong Thing to Do

It amazes me
that with all the bad publicity that ALEC is getting - they are doing nothing!
Why are they doing nothing?  Because there is no way in hell any person could justify what the American Legislative Exchange Council has been doing for almost 40 years to the AMerican democracy.

So --------
ALEC's good buddies are stepping to the forefront trying to help out their freind.  While other rats are jumping dfrom the ALEC sinking ship - some of their buddies are congratulating those companies who are refusing to #DumpALEC.

The right thing to do - is to dump ALEC.
The wrong thing to do is in the clip below.

Free-Market Activist Group to FedEx Executives: Stand Firm Against Radical Demands

Who would expect that a "free-market" activist group would step up to the plate to defend and ALEC profit sector member - who woulda thunk????

Shareholder Warning FedEx that Corporate Capitulation to Race-Baiting Pressure Groups Leads to More Problems for Business, More Pressure From Left
They forget to mention that the “shareholder” is also an ALEC-er
They forget to mention ( until later in the “press release”) that this shareholder took over the nastiness of Voter ID to help take the pressure off of ALEC last April.

Memphis, TN / Washington, D.C. - At today's annual meeting of FedEx shareholders in Memphis, Tennessee, National Center for Public Policy Research executive director David W. Almasi will congratulate FedEx CEO Frederick Smith for not caving to the demands of the organized left to drop their support of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Almasi also seeks to warn the shipping giant about problems that would arise from a capitulation to the radical activist groups.
YEP – National Center for Public Policy Research the company that bragged that they took over the ALEC Voter ID push.  When ALEC was throwing Voter ID in the gutter – their buddie NCPPR was there to take over the reins and keep ALEC’s nasty Voter D work going forward.  We are there for you brother!!!!

"There is no reason for FedEx or any other company to sever ties with ALEC just because the radical left demands it," said Almasi. "ALEC is helping to make government more business-friendly. This benefits FedEx employees, shareholders, customers and anyone doing business with the company.      
ALEC is helping to make government more business-friendly.
Yes they are VERY friendly.
FedEx Research can write legislation and bring it to ALEC meetings and give it to ALEC legislators to introduce at the state and federal level.
NOT legislation that the public wants – legislation that the ALEC corporate profit sector member want passed and their nonprofit ALEC members vote YES!!!! We want that legislation too – cause these ALEC profit sector members make donations to us too.

There are NO benefits for the employees, the shareholders or the customers – as ALEC legislation helps the ALEC profit sector member and no on else.

FedEx is a supporter of ALEC, particularly the group's Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force. This task force "develops policies that enhance competitiveness, promote employment and economic prosperity, encourage innovation, and limit government regulation imposed upon business."
Oh – yes they are.
Just think of the commerce and economic legislation that ALEC has introduced that helps FedEx make more money and destroys the rights of consumers when dealing with ALEC profit sector members like FedEx.  Increase revenues for ALEC profit sector member – any way we can  – screw the public/customer – that’s the ALEC pro-corporate logo.

Leftist radicals seek to choke off ALEC's corporate donations by trying to link companies to ALEC's past work on state-level voter ID ballot protection and "stand your ground" legislation -- claiming such laws are racist and threatening to launch minority boycotts of the businesses. Even though ALEC ceased working on both issues in April of 2012, radical groups such as Color of Change continue to falsely and deceitfully campaign against ALEC on these issues.
Blame it on those horrible leftists.  The groups and people who have stepped forward to expose the nastiness of ALEC.
Face it - ALEC did it! – with malice and yet wyou ALEC-ers expect the US to fogetaboutit?
Not a chance!

Even though ALEC stopped working on the issue, the National Center for Public Policy Research continues ALEC's work in supporting commonsense polling place protections with its own Voter ID Task Force.
Oh my – something to be really proud about.

The National Center For Public Policy Research is a conservative, free-market, non-profit think-tank established in 1982. It is supported by the voluntary gifts of over 100,000 individual recent supporters, receiving approximately one percent of its revenue from corporate sources. Contributions to it are tax-deductible
Contributions to it are tax-deductible
I’m sure they are and I’m sure that FedEx will be making a huge contribution to the National Center for Public Policy Research – right after they send in their about $50,000 tax-deductible donation to ALEC.

And the sad thing about this - the really sad thing, is that FedEx shareholders are probably so ignorant when it comes to the nastiness of the American Legislative Exchange Council - that the shareholders probalby think this is a good thing.  So sad!!!!!

My only hope is that
YOU are NOT using FedEx.
My hope is that you are using the USPS to send your stuff.

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