Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Durbin to ALEC Members - Have some Decency!!!

The beginning is a piece from a post I wrote awhile ago - but because of a piece of tape that came out today - I think it needs a rewind (tape to follow)

First of all - I'm not a big fan of Durbin right now - he has a tendency to be too "blue-dog" for me on some issues.
But he recently introduced legislation that would stop or put a big hold on ALEC privatization of government assets and that's a good thing. 
Why do I refer to his bill as an ALEC stopper - 'cause who else is trying to take over this country through asset acquisitions and privatization  - it sure isn't the Eastern bloc communists - it's ALEC corporate members.
Durbin knows who that bill is aimed at - you and I know who that bill is aimed at -
but the media and our leaders refuse to say the name.
It's ALEC - ALEC - ALEC - destroying the democracy of the United States of America.

(Source) The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is one of the prime conduits between corporations seeking privatization and legislators. They build legislation that conservative lawmakers then replicate in states all over the country. Their Publicopoly fake board game is a road map to how to privatize seven different government sectors: government operations, education, transportation and infrastructure, public safety, environment, health and telecommunications.
Dick Durbin, who saw first-hand in Illinois the horror of privatizing Chicago parking meters, is trying one of the first push-backs to this mad rush to privatization. He has introduced legislation that would slow down the privatization of public assets in the states and municipalities. They would have to repay any federal funding used to build or maintain those assets before leasing them to private companies. I’ll let Durbin explain it:
Having billions of dollars immediately available to plug budget holes without raising taxes is very appealing. And to the delight of Wall Street investors, state and local governments often fail to ask the important questions or consider the long-term impact [...]
The Protecting Taxpayers in Transportation Asset Transfers Act would require full disclosure of the terms and conditions of any privatization of an asset that was built with federal tax dollars.

And here's Durbin in a tape released today (sorry about the quality):

How can you build a political party on that basis:
Surpressing the Vote?

If you believe in ALEC’s agenda as a corporation
Then have the decency to stand up to the American people
And say “We Embrace This”

If you are embarrassed by it
have the decency
to Distance yourself from it.

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