Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ALEC Ag-Gag Bills Cannot Be Ignored

If you think the current edition of the ALEC ag-gag bills can be ignored - because you are not an animal acitivist - think again.  There is so much more that has to be considered.

Remember amendments to laws happen all the time!!!

The history of the ALEC Ag-Gag Bill
Most people don’t realize that the Ag-Gag Bill by ALEC has been around for over 10 years.

In an article written in 2003 the following snips are important to remember about the initial intent of the ALEC ag-gag bill.
Model legislation creating penalties for persons who encourage, finance, assist or engage in acts of animal and ecological terrorism has been prepared by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Yes – you read that correctly – if you encourage, finance, assist  agricultural activists in any way you will be prosecuted.
That’s correct – encourage, finance, assist.  Kinda like aiding and abetting.  And that is important to know – because that was the original intent and once these sterilized versions are passed in the state houses – the amendments to them in the future will bring about the true nature of the true goal of  ALEC – to incarcerate “agricultural terrorists” and their supporters.  It will not end with the current legislation that has been introduced.
The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act is detailed in a new publication, “Animal and Ecological Terrorism in America,” which has been published by ALEC’s Homeland Security Working Group.

“Most states make no legal distinction between a disgruntled youth vandalizing a public park and an organized eco-terrorist torching a family’s home,” said Sandy Liddy Bourne, an advisor to ALEC.
They forget to mention Bourne is with Heartland and the daughter of Watergate criminal G Gordon Liddy - People who live in glass houses shouldn't  ... 
Torching a family’s house – really?
Fear mongering at it's best.  The general GOP meme of "fear"
The model bill, Bourne said, would give states the ability to enter asset forfeiture proceedings against those who commit terrorist acts, which is not possible under current vandalism, trespassing and destruction of property laws.
You could lose your home and all your possessions
if you “encourage, finance, assist” an agricultural activist.
Now THAT is extreme terrorism - - - ALEC legislation.
“If their voice isn’t heard by burning buildings, perhaps it may be heard by cutting throats,” said ALEC. “This fear has caused many in the law enforcement and corporate communities to endorse new legislation that could effectively rout out these dubious structures of terror.”
Cutting their throats – OMG!
Talk about extremist language - using extremist language to get people on their side - because they knew without it - they would be ignored.
BTW: This is an exact quote from the 2005 ALEC report!

When ALEC brought their new report to the public in a news release they were even more explicit in the end game proposed by ALEC legislators.

To: National Desk
Contact: Bob Adams of the American Legislative Exchange Council, 202-742-8516; Web site:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Environmental and animal rights groups who commit acts of terror are now targets themselves of a new model bill offered by the bipartisan American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act (AETA) creates penalties for persons encouraging, financing, assisting or engaged in acts of animal and ecological terrorism.

"This legislation takes more than 'a bite out of crime,' it jails and penalizes animal and eco-terrorists and their sympathetic financial agents for what they are--domestic terrorists," said Bourne.
Jails and penalizes
Domestic terrorists AND their sympathetic financial agents.
persons encouraging, financing, assisting or engaged

Folks - be very careful in your nonchalance attitude to ALEC.
Once they write legislation - it is their intent to get it passed - all of it - even if it takes twenty years to do so.

The ALEC headline notes:
             Let's Call a Terrorist, a 'Terrorist'
And we're going to let ALEC "model legislation" define "a terrorist"?

Well - - - - - IMHO anyone who encourages, finances, assists, or engages in the American Legislative Exchange Council should be jailed and penalized, including asset forfeiture proceedings.

Cause I think ALEC, ALEC legislators and ALEC corporations are political extremists that must to be stopped.

As I noted above - these ALEC ag-gag bills are dangerous and long ranging
Pennsylvania has widened the ag-gag bill to include and protect fracking operations on agriculture land.
I wrote about it

Don’t know who/what ALEC is? 
It is time you did!!! 
For lots of info check out this webpage >>>>>>>  ALEC Exposed 

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