Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ALEC - Did You Vote for That?

When I was doing research today I ran into this ALEC article title:

This was sent to ALEC legislators and ALEC Alumni in the ALEC Public Forum magazine

It made me think -

I didn't vote for ALEC legislators to run my state government.
I didn't vote for ALEC Alumni to tie up our federal government.

I don't want ALEC in any form in my state.

MAYBE - We need to put this to a vote
- whether ALEC is allowed in our states. 

MAYBE we need a referendum that will prohibit ALEC from being in our state legislature and the US Congress.

we need to start a petition
- to create a referendum
- that the citizens vote on
- to not allow ALEC to exist in our state.

Any lawyers out there that could give me some feedback on the possibility of this?

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