Thursday, December 29, 2011

ALEC Members - Coordinating the Destruction of US Democracy

This article is about the American Justice Partnership (AJP) and ALEC.
(Please do NOT confuse this with Rocky Anderson’s Justice Party.)

The important thing about this is – IF AJP is in cahoots with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (which I could not find undisputable evidence, all I found was others saying they were connected, but not proving it)


This is a horrendous and very dangerous situation – where ALEC member legislators are initiating the Voter ID legislation and then an ALEC corporate member comes in to pay for the campaign to make sure the legislation gets passed. 

Another example of where – ALEC is not the direct lobbyist, but their corporate sector / private enterprise ALEC members definitely ARE!

From Think Progress (my emphasis)

The AJP is a conservative legal organization based not in Maine, but in Michigan. On their website, the group states they are fighting against “the scheming George Soros money machine” which is “trying to sabotage your right to vote,” a claim apparently made without a hint of irony. Though the AJP doesn’t disclose where its funding comes from, the Bangor Daily News notes that it has partnered with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in the past, a group that has been instrumental in the proliferation of voter ID laws across the country.

The AJP’s secret $250,000 contribution ultimately accounted for over 78 percent of all the money raised by the No On 1 campaign. In other words, over three-quarters of the funding for opponents of election day registration in Maine came from Michigan. (This money was then used to run ads decrying “outsiders from other states” who were influencing the Maine election.) With Mainers of all stripes explaining to ThinkProgress why they cherish having the option to register at the polls on election day, it’s not altogether surprising that the predominance of financial support for No On 1 came from out of state.

ALEC members (public and private) coordinating together to destroy our democracy
And  making sure ALEC (and the Koch brothers) gets its way


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