Tuesday, December 20, 2011

XL Pipeline for 2 MONTHS of Extensions? REALLY???????

I have really been struggling with what is happening in the US Congress right now.

The first thing I can tell you is that I am sick and tired of hearing about the tax increase on 160,000,00 people who - happen to be - hello - WORKING!  As a person  who is working and as a person who does payroll - this TWO MONTHS that they are talking about is an absolute headache for doing payroll and I NEVER expected the payroll taxcut to be continued.  Drop this - just drop it as a talking point.

The other thing that is in the bill is extension of unemployment benefits - which I think are important - BUT NOT FOR JUST TWO MONTHS.

The other thing that is in the bill is the Medicare / Medicaid provisions - THIS IS IMPORTANT - I think - I would like to hear the medical professions feedback on the extension of this for TWO MONTHS.

The fourth thing that is in there is a FHA mortgage that has not been properly vetted to the public - because everyone is reporting on the goddamn payroll tax!

As a public we are being asked to help push TWO MONTHS worth of money for CENTURIES of ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION because the fifth part of this bill is the Keystone Pipeline.

A pipeline that will increase fuel costs in the Midwest - a pipe line that is being constructed to EXPORT oil to other countries AND a pipeline that has a high potential to cause irreversible environmental damage to the United States -

FOR TWO MONTHS WORTH OF BENEFITS?????????????????????????????????

I will not appologize - but if the damn Republicans want to put a KOCH Pipeline down the middle of the United States - there better be a BIGGER payback to the citizens of the UNITED STATES - A hell of a lot bigger than TWO MONTHS worth of money.


XL Pipeline VS 2 MONTHS of Extensions?  REALLY???????

This is not worth it - I'm sorry the bill must not pass in it's current version - without clearer language that the XL Pipeline issue in the bill is ONLY  to "continue talks" - not a given.
It must not!

UPDATE:  Thursday - December 22

Don't kid yourself that the Keystone Pipeline isn't a huge part of this
A quote from McConnell today - pay close attention here folks to the first hing he is worried about in this statement.
“The House should pass an extension that locks in the thousands of Keystone XL pipeline jobs, prevents any disruption in the payroll tax holiday or other expiring provisions, and allows Congress to work on a solution for the longer extensions,” McConnell said in a Thursday statement.
This is NOT a good thing.

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