Monday, December 19, 2011

David Dreier (R-CA) - ALEC PAC Money

Just got done watching the house rules committee arguing and I could not stand this guy.

So I took - 45 minutes - just 45 minutes to look at his PAC money donations and this is what I found

So far in the 2011 2012 cycle - he has received 53% of his money from identifiable ALEC related PACs.
In the 2009 2010 cycle - 47% of his monies came from identifiable ALEC related PACs.
The word "identifiable" is really important - cause a lot of the ALEC private sector members have not been outed yet.

He is a disciple of and bows down before God Grover Norquist.

And based on what I just read - it would probably be a good idea if he stayed out of the bathrooms at Minneapolis International Airport.