Saturday, December 31, 2011

#Occupy the New Year!!!

It's the new year weekend.

There are no family gatherings - there are no shopping trips that have to be done, there is no cooking that has to be done.

There is time to stand up for democracy!

Check out your local Occupy group for events happening today and this weekend and beyond.
There is no excuse - find an event here.

In most of the country - thanks to climate change - it will be a great weekend to Occupy!

Minnesota - Get Ready To Occupy New Years Eve!

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Join Occupy Minneapolis at The People’s Plaza for New Years Eve!
Bring signs to show and march with. Plaza guards have orders to rip them down unless we have another court order or hundreds of people constantly on the People’s Plaza. Instead, we’ll print new flyers and glue them all over the plaza and downtown area. We also have flyers for upcoming events along with old 99% flyers that can be used to help communicate our message and remind people we are still occupying. We’ll do this instead of a General Assembly Saturday night.
We’ll have non-toxic glue, but feel free to bring your own wheat paste and other sticky concoctions and rollers to quickly post signs around the city.
For Event Info visit:

Event Name
Occupy New Years Eve
Date(s) - 31 Dec 2011 until 1 Jan 2012
7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
The People's Plaza300 South 6th Street - Minneapolis

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