Friday, December 2, 2011

Grosserode (KS) - On Buying Votes at ALEC meeting

Had to publish this - as it has been on my mind ever since I left Phoenix.

In the Arizona Republic newspaper they had a pretty good article on the protest against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which included this:

Lawmakers were aware of the protests but dismissed the protesters' concerns of undue influence.

"They presume that my vote can be bought, and it can't," said Amanda Grosserode, a GOP lawmaker from Lenexa, Kan.

Well, Ms Grosserode - if you were at the swanky Westin Keirland on a "scholarship" - they did indeed buy your vote. 

If ANYONE other than you paid for your food, your lodging, your airfare - they deed indeed buy your vote.

Ms. Grosserode
- ALEC may provide you with "educational" information on
how smart ALEC members are
and how dumb the electorate is
- but believe me 

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