Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ron Paul is NOT All That - What in the Hell Are You Thinking?

In the small town I live in – we have what is referred to as “Election Sunday Sermons”.  That is the Sunday before “election Tuesday” all the Catholic priests in our small town do their “You must save the babies” sermon.

One thing I hate about the right wing is they are one issue voters.  For example:  they vote Republican solely on the issue of abortion.

I’m starting to hear something troubling on the left side of the table and it is single issue voters.  I've heard them at OccupyMN and hear them regularly on left talk radio.    Single issue support for Ron Paul from people who voted Democratic in 2008 and 2010.

They support Ron Paul because of his stand on the Federal Reserve.
They support Ron Paul on his stand on war.

WELL -  every time you hear someone say they support Ron Paul ask them about these issues – 

He's the anti-Civil-Rights-Act Republican.
He's an anti-reproductive-rights Republican.
He's a gay-demonizing Republican.
He's an anti-public education Republican and
an anti-Social Security Republican.
He's the John Birch Society's favorite congressman.
And he's a booster of the Constitution Party, which has a Christian Reconstructionist platform.

So, if you're a member of the
anti-senior citizen,
pro-communist-witch-hunt wing of the progressive movement,

I can see how he'd be your guy.
There are two things I hate when it comes to primaries and elections 
one – is one issue voters and
(like the Tea Partiers and now, unfortunately, some left-wingers).

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