Friday, December 23, 2011

The "Get Rid of ALEC" "MODEL Legislation"

Awhile back in one of my entries I suggested that citizens start petitions to put a referendum on the ballot to get rid of ALEC.

Well.........  today on the Minnesota Uncut ALEC newspaper we have an excellent start from Arizona - as reported in the BlogforArizona

Here is Farley's explanation of the ALEC Accountability Act.

ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) is a conservative national political organization funded by large corporate interests that funnels language for right-wing legislation to conservative lawmakers in state capitols across the country.

Media reports have made it clear that the relationship between the ALEC and corporate special interests, lobbyists and lawmakers in Arizona is an intimate one. Currently, a quiet system of lobbyist-funded scholarships fund lawmaker participation in conferences that promote an ideological agenda at the same time as it provides fancy accommodations, upscale dining and entertainment "networking" opportunities in cities around the country. These activities are not regulated or disclosed in a way easy for the public to track.

ALEC lobbies Arizona's state lawmakers to carry out its right-wing corporatist agenda and it is quite effective in doing so, successfully orchestrating the passage of many of its bills relating to private prisons, voter suppression, the privatization of public education, and attacks on healthcare and environmental protection. You can read more about ALEC's influence on Arizona in this PDF report from People for the
American Way
and Common Cause:

Currently, ALEC operates outside the regulations in place to limit lobbyist influence on our state's political process so the extent of their activities -- and those of the special interests that fund ALEC -- is unknown, even though it seems clear that ALEC is merely another vehicle for special interests to advance their self-interested agenda through Arizona's lawmakers.

The public has the right to know who funds ALEC's activities, who funds legislators' costs associated with attending ALEC meetings and conferences around the country and which legislators are accepting those funds. Arizona's citizens also have a right to ensure that, as a lobbying entity, ALEC complies with the laws in place to limit the influence of lobbyists on Arizona's political process.

My ALEC Accountability Act of 2012 will require ALEC to adhere to the same laws that other lobbying entities must follow. It is time to shine the light on who funds this organization and who funds the travel and other participation costs of legislators active in groups like ALEC.

The ALEC model is to introduce "model legislation" in one conservative right wing nut state and then when it passes - call it a success for all states.  Then ALEC passes it out to all the other state legislators at their meetings.  I don't think we should follow that schedule.

Now it is time for us to get in touch with all our left leaning legislators and request that they get in touch with Farley and try to do the same in every state across the United States.

Merry Christmas ALEC.
Ho, Ho, Ho.

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