Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boehner - Lying to Gain Your Support - Devious Deceitful Behavior

Yesterday and today Boehner is telling the American public that they are holding out for a one year extension of unemployment.

What he is saying is spurious.

The original two month  extension (that the House REPUGS REFUSED TO VOTE ON)  had multiple purposes and it was a stopgap measure only.

The two month extension was designed so that when everyone in DC came back to work the end of January - they could continue talks on
extension of the payroll tax cut
extension of unemployment
DISCUSS the XL Pipeline.

At no time was it two months only.

Republicans DID NOT vote for a two month extension - designed to ensure that further discussions would occur.

Why in the hell do you think they will vote for a one year extension without putting horrendous poison pills attached to it?

Boehner and anyone who stand with him during this time
is lying
being insincere
being hypocritical
being devious
being deceitful.

AND we DO NOT NEED people like that in our government!

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