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Hinderaker Defending ALEC AGAIN and Lying AGAIN

Hinderaker (PowerLine Blog) is up to his normal level of disinformation again - trying to wipe the crap off of ALEC's face  – he tried to defend ALEC on December 2nd in his blog and he tried it again today.

Most of his blog isn’t worth reading – here's the title "The AFL-CIO’s “Voting Rights” Fantasy Land" -
as usual he spouts out the usual crap of the 1940’s that the unions are to blame.

But, a couple of lines from one paragraph of lies caught my eye and I thought that I would take the time to do an ALEC educational session for those fools who actually believe anything that Hinderaker writes.

 Hinderaker makes the following statement
As for ALEC, it is not a “right-wing think tank,” and it is not “funded by brothers David and Charles Koch.” ALEC is a good-government, pro-free enterprise group that brings together state legislators and private sector employees who have expertise on various public policy issues.
He is correct – ALEC isn’t not a think tank –it is a corporate front group that hides behind a 501c3 nonprofit educational designation.  ALEC gets obscene amounts of tax-deductible money from corporations to fund their educational process.  This obscene amount of contributions that ALEC receives as a 501c3 – pays for the expenses to bring YOUR legislator directly to the corporations representative at an ALEC meeting.  Then YOUR legislator and the corporate representative sit down and write legislation TOGETHER – pro-business legislation, that is voted on by the corporate rep as to whether or not they approve of the legislation.

He is wrong when it comes to the Koch brothers not being involved.  In the early 1980’s the Koch Foundations - ALL THREE OF THEM - IT IS PUBLIC RECORD -  poured almost ½ million dollars into ALEC to resurrect ALEC when it was on the verge of bankruptcy.  

Then AGAIN - Koch came to the rescue.
In the meeting minutes of a joint board meeting held between the ALEC private and public sector boards IN 1996 the following statement is made.
December 4, 1996
Renaissance Hotel, Washington D .C.

CALL TO ORDER Chairman Dale Van Vyven called the meeting to order at 10 :30 AM. By motion of Rep . Carolyn Oakley, second by Cooper, the minutes of the September 28'" meeting were approved as submitted. Van Vyven announced an agenda change noting the Report of the Executive Director would be moved to the morning. VanVyven allowed members to sit at ease while several members were retrieved from committee meetings .

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT VanVyven recognized Executive Director Dan Denning for his report . Denning reviewed the Auditor's report and financial condition . The auditor noted improvement in key areas . In regard to the capital campaign, Denning thanked : a loan with favor from KOCH, a loan from E&M Charities, and a RJR Grant. Denning noted improvements in the accounting system over the last year, improved personnel policy and reduced employee turnover . Denning reported continued ALEC excellence in model bills, publications, and conferences and continued expansion in the private sector .

Hinderaker goes on to say:
It may be that an ALEC group has drafted legislation that relates in some way to voting, but if you go to the ALEC web site and look at the lists of Task Forces, Initiatives, Publications and News, there is nothing about voting procedures.

This is the example to me that Hinderaker doesn’t have a damn clue – cause everyone who knows anything about ALEC knows that ALEC scrubbed their webpage with a redesign about ten days ago (and Hinderaker knows it) and they took a lot of that stuff down to cover their ALEC ass.

But you can’t hide history!
Not only does ALEC have one piece of "model legislation" - they have two pieces of model legislation to cover their slimy butt in regards to requiring voter ID.

Here’s clip from InsideALEC September 2009 – page 23
Michael Hough, Task Force Director
Resolution in Support of the Cornyn-Mccarthy Military
Voter ID Act
Requires any United States citizen desiring to vote in a state
to provide proof of identity at the polls, outlines permissible
provisional ballots, and optionally provides for a free ID to
those who do not have a driver’s license.

Here’s a pic the actual ALEC legislation noted above from the ALEC Exposed webpage:

This clip is from InsideALEC June 2009 page 14
ALEC’s model bill on this issue, the Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act requires qualified electors to present one form of identification that bears the name, address, and photograph of the voter or two different forms of identification that bear the name and address of the voter prior to receiving a ballot. A requirement that voters provide either photo ID or two alternative identification documents (instead of just one nonphoto ID like HAVA requires) is a strong step toward the prevention of fraud at the polls.

Here’s a pic the actual ALEC legislation noted above from the ALEC Exposed webpage:

This clip is from InsideALEC July 2009 page 19
It is vitally important to protect the integrity of our voting system in the United States and such protection must come from the state level. That is why ALEC members are actively working on these issues. ALEC currently has model legislation supporting ID and citizenship requirements for voters and is continually working on the best model solutions for these important issues. Election reform is both critical and complex, with multiple possible solutions for different states. Therefore, ALEC is uniquely positioned to raise awareness and provide effective solutions to ensure a legal, fair and open election system.

Hinderaker –
When it comes to ALEC -
you don't have a clue what you are doing,
you know it 
and this proves it.

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