Thursday, December 8, 2011

God Grover has Spoken - His Minions Have Obeyed

Bush’s TEMPORARY tax cuts that were supposed to be “job creators” (but never produced jobs) were suppose to expire in December 2010.

God – Grover Norquist – told his minions that YOU WILL NOT RAISE TAXES ON THE WEALTHY!
And his minions obeyed.

Obama’s TEMPORARY payroll tax cuts that were suppose to put more spending money in the pockets of the working (and they DID) are scheduled to expire on 12/31/2011.

God – Grover Norquist – told his minions that YOU WILL RAISE TAXES ON THE WORKING CLASS!
And his minions obeyed.

BREAKING: GOP Filibusters Middle Class Tax Cut — Again | A bill to extend the payroll tax holiday failed in the Senate this afternoon after Republicans filibustered the extension for a third time, preventing it from getting the 60 votes needed to begin debate or receive an up-or-down vote. The latest bill would have paid for the extension of the holiday, which primarily affects middle and low income Americans, by assessing a small, temporary tax on the top 0.2 percent of income earners. The vote was 50-48.

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