Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The PERFECT Holiday Gift for Your ALEC Legislator

Show your love for your ALEC legislator this Holiday Season.

It is a time of giving and I think that you or you & a group of your best friends should send your ALEC legislator (don't forget your ALEC Alumni serving in Congress) a holiday gift they will not forget.

A gift you can be sure they will talk about at the next meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council.
It will be the topic of every conversation - how excited they will be - that they were remembered by you!

Made in China, distributed in Georgia by a guy who could really use some money right now (I'm not joking, he really needs the business from what I hear) -  here is the perfect gift for the ALEC legislator and Alumni.

For only $29.95 (shipping is free) you can send a memorable gift - that won't be forgotten.

Giant Cockroach  (or as I would put it Koch-roach)
Swimming Pool and Beach Float

Standing overall 6 feet tall and 40 inches wide, the Giant Cockroach is not only the Worlds Most Outrageous Swimming Pool and Beach Float, it is also destined to become an all time favorite Counter Culture Novelty Cult Gift.

The perfect gift for your Koch loving
Kochroach ALEC legislator or ALEC Alumni!

Order yours today at this webpage.  
(Just kidding about the webpage name,  but the link does work!)


I'm going to order a couple - REALLY - I hope you will also.

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