Thursday, December 1, 2011

ALEC Legislators LOVE Romney

Straight from the mouth of an ALEC "policy advisor" at the ALEC States and Nation in Scottsdale.

This is a read that makes you gag.

Here, at the American Legislative Exchange Council (where I’m a policy advisor) holds its “States and Nation Policy Summit” at a resort in the Phoenix’s super-suburb of Scottsdale, Romney’s name is on everybody’s lips. And this means a lot.

Yeah - it means a hell of a lot since you consider that
1.Newt Gingrich:
ü      Confirmed ALEC Alumni
ü      Was one of the people who worked on the ALEC's 1983-84 Source Book of American State Legislation
ü      Keynote Speaker ALEC's 1994 National Orientation Conference.
ü      Keynote speaker ALEC’s 2007 34th Annual Meeting
ü      Keynote speaker ALEC’s 2008 States & Nation Policy Summit,
ü      Keynote speaker ALEC’s 2009 States & Nation Policy Summit,
ü      Keynote speaker ALEC’s 2009 36th Annual Meeting
ü      Winner of the 1995 Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award
ü      Quoted in the legacy membership brochure ($5,000)
“The remarkable achievements of ALEC’s members... deserve much applause and recognition. Since 1973, ALEC members have been key leaders in state government, responsible for pioneering legislation inspired by the legacy of our honored Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson. For a quarter of a century, through advancing Jefferson’s ideas, you have been stalwart in your effort to revitalize the original American dream as intended by our Founders. ALEC members have helped reinforce my continuing optimism for the future of our great nation. ~ Newt Gingrich

And you consider that
Newt - is polling at the top of the Republican candidates
           while ALEC legislators are meeting in Scottsdale.

Wonder what Newt did to piss off the ALEC members? 
Evidently he's not in their good graces anymore?

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